Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

Mexico City is top destination for 2016

New York Times says it's No. 1 on list of 52; Todos Santos, Isla Holbox also chosen

Three destinations in Mexico have made a list of the top 52 in the world for 2016, with Mexico City taking first place.


The New York Times today said the capital is attracting travelers who are seeking some of the world’s best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design. And they are finding it in “a metropolis that has it all.”

For gastronomes, “there is no more exciting place to eat,” while there are destinations as well for design fans and photography lovers. The report suggests exploring neighborhoods such as Cuauhtémoc, La Roma and Condesa.

The newspaper offers the warning that there are places in the city — “daunting and endless as it is” — where one should not wander but points out is far safer than it was in the 1990s.

Taxi service has improved with Uber and Yaxi, it says, and increased flights have made it easier to get to.

The city also “radiates energy” due to large numbers of young people visiting from Latin America and Spain, said the Times.

The two other Mexican destinations on the list were Todos Santos in Baja California, in 23rd place, and Isla Holbox in Yucatán, in 32nd.

The top five after Mexico City were Bordeaux, France; Malta; Coral Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands; and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

Mexico News Daily

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  • Güerito

    The photo above of the Plaza de Armas in Durango, not Mexico City.

  • Christopher Davis

    Who decides these lists, seriously? The gastronomy of Puebla and Oaxaca is far superior to that of Mexico City. FAR superior!

    • Gastronomy is only one of the elements – Mexico city offers more than 200 museums, many theaters, good restaurants, historical sites – It is has been the heart of Mexico since 1325.

    • David Nichols

      Especially Oaxaca…!!

      • Fran

        Yeah, yeah, the gastronomy of Oaxaca is great but not better than Puebla’s 😉
        And by the way, as it was previously commented… the list is not decided by one single fact but a lot of attributes which make Mexico City the best choice speaking of attractions/food/museums/etc… come on, guys! You just can’t judge a list due to your “passion” for one particular cuisine, especially since Mexico City has places to eat any regional gastronomy from Mexico!

  • David Nichols

    Mexico City number one tourist destination in the world…? Please, let’s get real here– DF has a lot to recommend it, especially for Spanish speakers, but number one in the world…maybe in the top ten, nowhere near number one.
    I have been there many times ( I live in Colima) but there are many more desirable tourist destinations in Mexico than DF…

  • Heather Borquez

    I couldn’t agree more. The cuisine found in Mexico City is representative of the best Mexico has to offer, from all regions. The service is top notch and the restaurants glitter… (in Polanco anyways). Culturally the city has loads to offer – theater, ballet, symphonies, rock concerts, Cirque du Soleil, art galleries, street art, musicians, street musicians, neighborhood museums… It is an amazing city… and must be seen to be believed. I have lived in Mexico City for several years and was astounded by the beauty of the architecture, some of the best art museums in the world, the art galleries, and the diversity of the city. Definitely number one in my books!

  • Heather Borquez

    As for Todos Santos – it is adorable… but not really that interesting.. I would have have put the whole Baja pensinsula instead of just Todos Santos

    • PintorEnMexico

      And I don’t know how that little place could accommodate a tenth of the traffic going to MEX.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Iztapalapa is a gem. More tourists need to go there!

  • Geoffrey Rogg

    Some commenters seem to have a passion for other Mexican venues but do not understand that the ranking is not based on gastronomy or any other attribute alone but on a plethora of of them offered by this incredible and ancient city whose population is larger than that of many countries and which is a magnet for people of all ages to come and be envigorated by its incredible and contagious energy. If your priority is just good food and drink and you don’t speak Spanish there are a multitude of smaller venues of all types which cater for the Gringos but I learnt at a young age that to fully enjoy the culture of any country without speaking the language well is an unsurmountable obstacle.

  • Cathy

    There is something strange about including the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota with the list of other sparkling destinations. It makes me wonder what the criteria for ‘winning’ a spot was.

  • James Smith

    Nonsense. It is number one only because almost all connecting transfer flights go through the city.

  • lilodo

    Sorry, but this was a sloppy editing job on a NY Times travel section story on top places TO GO in 2016. The Times publishes this wish list every January, and it has nothing to do with travel data.