Yellow star marks the epicenter of today's quake. Yellow star marks the epicenter of today's quake.

Mexico City rocked by 7.1-earthquake

Epicenter was 55 kilometers from the city of Puebla

There are preliminary reports of minor damage after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico City at 1:14pm today.


The National Seismological Service reported the quake’s epicenter was 55 kilometers south-southwest of the city of Puebla at a depth of 57 kilometers.

It was felt as far away as the Mexico News Daily office in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, where the temblor carried on for close to one minute, but it was not as strong as the 8.2 quake registered September 7.

A Mexico News Daily reporter in Oaxaca city described the quake as intense, while another reporter located in Mexico City reported it was much stronger than the September 7 event. He said there was some minor damage in the city center and reports of a gas leak.

He described the movement as “more up and down” than that of September 7.

The quake comes on the 32nd anniversary of the big Mexico City earthquake of 1985.

Mexico News Daily

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