The world's 10 worst cities for traffic congestion. The world's 10 worst cities for traffic.

Mexico City still No. 1 for traffic congestion

It's the most congested city in the world for the second year in a row

Mexico City has retained its title as the world’s most traffic congested city.

The TomTom Traffic Index 2017 says Mexico City drivers can expect to spend 66% extra travel time stuck in traffic at any time of the day, up seven percentages points over last year.

During evening peak periods they can expect to spend up to 101% more time in congested traffic.

Mexico City was also tops in North America, whose top five most congested cities were the same as last year. After Mexico City they were Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and New York.

The index is created by TomTom, a Dutch producer of navigation and mapping products, and is now in its sixth year. It gathers traffic data in 390 cities in 48 countries.

For Mexico City drivers, TomTom says, the level of congestion means additional travel time of 59 minutes per day, or 227 hours a year. The figure is calculated by measuring extra travel time during peak hours against situations in which there is no congestion.

The index is based on 2016 statistics.

After Mexico City the worst cities for traffic were Bangkok, Thailand; Jakarta, Indonesia; Chongqing, China; and Bucharest, Romania.

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