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Mexico firm’s biofungicide earns it a place in award program finals

UPDATE (July 8): The Innovadora website is functioning now, and the public may vote here.

A treatment developed in Mexico to control a fungal disease in mangos has won its creator a nomination for an international award.

Fungifree AB was developed by the firm Agro&Biotecnia, a business initiative sponsored by the Institute of Biotechnology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The product employs biological methods that use organisms that eliminate disease naturally, known as biological control agents.

It was initially intended to control anthracnose, which produces black spots on mangos and reduces their commercial value. It has since been found effective on papaya, avocado and citrus fuits as well. Fungifree, which was among 122 entries in its category, allows growers to improve cultivation and obtain higher yields and higher quality fruit and reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

It is the first biofungicide to be developed in Mexico.

Agro&Biotecnia is one three finalists in the Business and Industry category of the annual Innovators of America Prize, sponsored by the non-governmental organization Innovamerica. The purpose of the awards program is to recognize initiatives and projects in Latin America that contribute to social, business, cultural and scientific development and help transform the world.

The other two finalists in the Business and Industry category are the Gluten Free Factory of Costa Rica and a Panamian project Panamian called WIRETHREADING, an orthodontics treatment.

There are 18 finalists in six categories, and the winner receives a US $50,000 prize. Other categories are Social Development, Education, Sustainability and Ecology, Science and Technology, and Design.

The winner of the prize will be chosen by jury over the next few weeks; the prize will be presented in Medellín, Colombia, on August 21.

The public, meanwhile, also has a vote in a people’s choice award, or rather it would if the Innovamerica website weren’t down.

Source: Comunicación AMC

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