The offending jackets. The offending jackets.

‘Mexico is the shit:’ jackets cause a row

A controversy on Twitter: Mexico is not shit, it's the shit

When Tania Larios saw a couple wearing black jackets with the words “Mexico is the shit” printed on the back, she saw red.


The two were checking in at the Condesa DF hotel in Mexico City when they were spotted by Larios, whose gut reaction was to express her feelings on Twitter.

“How can a Mexican hotel receive people that insult our country,” Larios wrote on Twitter Monday, posting a photo she took inside the hotel lobby.

The tweet was received with amusement by other Twitter users, who promptly explained to Larios that the message on the jackets was actually praising Mexico.

But Larios, a self-described internationalist, still needed to vent. She replied, posting: “These days one must not joke using foul language toward Mexico, one has but to be aware of the international context to know this.”

“Whatever you say, the name Mexico should not be related to any slang,” continued Larios, a member of the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

She also warned that “the next time you go to the U.S., wear a jacket that says ‘USA is the shit;’ let’s see what immigration [officials] think about your ‘cool’ slang.”


“If we want to praise Mexico we should start by doing so in Spanish and without vulgar slang,” concluded Larios’ rant.

The jacket in question has been offered since late last year by the online retailer Mercadorama (it’s currently sold out), its blunt message instantly becoming viral after Mexican photographer Carlos E. Lang took a picture wearing it across the street from Trump Tower in New York last October.

Mercadorama CEO Ahmed Bautista said in an interview at the time that “the jacket is completely apolitical. The idea had been in the making for a time, and we just wanted to tell the world that México es un país chingón [the Spanish slang equivalent to Mexico is the shit].”

After Larios’ Twitter tirade went viral, the jacket’s designer replied by posting a video message on Facebook.

“The jacket is in English because we wanted to make an impact on the world with a phrase that stated that Mexico is cool, that Mexico is an incredible place for us,” said Anuar Layón.

Conveying this message to a worldwide audience was more complicated in Spanish than in English, explained the fashion designer.

Layón also read a longer message that is printed in both languages and attached to the lining of all the jackets bearing the phrase.

“This is not only a jacket, but a statement, an opportunity to remind the world that Mexico is great, that all Mexican-made products are well done.”

“It is a tribute to all those Mexicans around the world that are shifting global culture with their beautiful hearts and brilliant minds; it’s a way to show that we are many and we are together; that we are raising the standards, reminding the world that our voice matters.”

“‘Mexico is the shit’ is a community, a support system and a movement inspiring love, respect and trust, and you don’t have to be Mexican to be part of it, you just have to love Mexico like we do. Spread the word!”

Lang thanked Larios for her advice and tweeted a picture of himself wearing a black jacket bearing the message, “Estados Unidos es vergas,” which somewhat literally translates into “the United States is a dick,” but conveys a slang message similar to that of the original jacket, suggesting instead that the U.S. is cool.

Source: Animal Político (sp)

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  • donald trump

    actually, peña nieto is the shit who caused this things happen..

  • Peter Maiz

    Apparently, these idiots don’t speak English.

    • cris_37

      She didn’t understand that particular slang expression. The rest of the people did. That’s why they were correcting her.

  • 101st


  • Garry Montgomery

    Forget the “cool” intent. Internationally both messages would be taken literally. Sure African-Americans twist things by saying “he’s the baddest” but meaning “he’s the greatest”, however unless everyone is on the same page which we are not, “shit” is not cool except among close friends.

  • Beau

    No-no-no. There is no way in hell “Mexico is the shit” means Mexico is “cool” in spanish. Obviously Anuar Layon is not Mexican because he should know better. I agree with Tania Larios, that kind of language is only used by cholos and gang bangers.

    • Güerito

      Beau, it’s not how the phrase supposedly translates into Spanish, it’s what it means in English.

      And “México es un país chingón” is pretty damn close to the idea expressed in English.

  • Athea Marcos Amir

    Jesus, how far will this political correctness go? Too far for me already. If someone
    wore a jacket in the U.S.A. saying “The United States is the shit” (terrible English, by the way), people would laugh and say “Where can I buy one of those?” If things continue this way we’re going to have a world of mutes, people who are afraid to open their mouths. Can you imagine saying “Looks like rain” while on a trip to Africa and being attacked for having made a “racist” remark?

  • Mike Lyle

    Shouldn’t a credible explanation suffice, or does this person want Americans to change the way they phrase things? Imagine protesting against or feeling insulted by anyone who has a contrary perspective of Mexico (albeit, this is certainly not the proven case here). This sort of ultra-sensitivity signifies a deeper problem in the complainant.
    In her private moments does this poor person have good things to say about America, or is she part and parcel of the problem of self-identity inherent — and I mean, inherent — in the abused Pueblo Mexicana?

  • K. Chris C.

    How easy the simple minded are distracted from important things?!

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • miabeach

    The more Mexico fails its own people the more the American left will love Mexico. The more Mexicans who have their heads chopped off or whose people are forced to become career criminals in another country the liberal lefties will love Mexico. The more Mexican children who go hungry, the more elderly who die from lack of medical care, the more poor people who have their property seized the more Mexico will be praised by globalists, or as stated, internationalists. It’s starting to look a lot like Cuba, they just need one carasmatic murderer to hail.

    • Linda Alexander

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Seriously–this is what you believe? The Americans I know love Mexico for all its attributes and faults. We wish them nothing but the best.

      • miabeach

        I just want to know what’s wrong with Mexico. The United States has Canada a first world country on our northern border who appreciate being our neighbor. They seem to prosper and do well for Canadian citizens, they have fresh clean drinking water delivered to their faucets, they have sewage treatment plants to sanitize waste and not poison their people. Canadians seems happy and don’t sneak into our country begging for us to educate and feed their children, Canadians don’t demand welfare, food stamps and free housing or call us racist if we catch one breaking our law. Then we have Mexico on,our southern border. Mexico seems to be one big violent crime wave of racist hatred. Mexico is so full of hate they hate each other, they force Mexicans to flee into a country that they have nothing in common with. Why can’t Mexico be like Canada? Or Bermuda? Instead they Compete to be a crap hole like Cuba. Our schools hospitals and prisons are filled with criminal illegal Mexicans. Mexico needs to take care of Mexicans other then the light skinned white Mexicans. Even mixed race dark skinned Mexicans deserve respect from Mexico.

  • Chaplaindave

    Shameful…a further example of the under-educated and mentally compromised element in the U.S.. Mexico is beautiful and hospitable and my hyome.

  • David Nichols

    Anura Layon: “All Mexican made products are well done”
    The jackets may be “well done”, by which we can assume he means “well made” as opposed to overcooked,
    but to ascribe that virtue to ALL Mexican made products is hyperbolic patriotism at best…
    BTW, this criticism applies to the products of any country in the world, junk products are produced everywhere, because a market for them exists…!

  • alance

    It is like the theater of the absurd. Many words have lost their intended meanings and their shock value.

    Many people disappointed with the November election, for example, cannot use the word Trump without adding the words misogynist, racist, and xenophobic.

    • John Smith

      Or pussygrabber ?

  • WestCoastHwy

    Sweet Jimmy, 21st Century so you bygones shove off.

  • Henry Wilson

    As a vigorous critic of the corrupt social economic and political systems of Mexico I must agree with, however, the condemnation of these bozos wearing this expression. They look like foreigners. In English? They were lucky not to have been shot right there on the spot. The critic is right. Latinos wearing such jackets checking into a hotel in the US, at least in my state of Texas, saying the USA is shit, would not make it to their rooms in one piece. Want to praise Mexico? Do it on Spanish. Want to use slang? Use Spanish slang. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.