A Mexican pizza, with chorizo and jalapeño. A Mexican pizza, with chorizo and jalapeños.

Mexico No. 2 in world for pizza consumption

It is also Mexicans' most popular meal after tacos

Tacos are Mexicans’ favorite meal but No. 2 is neither tortas nor tamales. In fact, it’s not even Mexican, but a foreign import.

Double-digit growth in sales has not only propelled the pizza into second place in popularity among consumers but second place worldwide for consumption, second only to the United States, according to organizers of Abastur, the hospitality industry exposition that opens next week in Mexico City.

Domestic consumption grew 12% last year to 120 million pizzas, rather less than the U.S. total of 650 million, but enough to rate Mexico No. 2 in the world.

There are now 30,000 restaurants selling pizza in Mexico, according to Jaime Salazar Figueroa, head of the Abastur organizing committee, who describes the growth of pizzerías as “spectacular.” Their number represents 8% of Mexico’s 525,000 restaurants, he said.

Salazar Figueroa attributes the pizza’s success to three factors: its adaptability, its price and the speed with which it can be prepared.

The flatbread of Italian origin is now regarded as important enough to rate a pavilion of its own for the first time at Abastur.

The growth in the pizza’s popularity is expected to continue, fueled largely by the millenials generation, its biggest fans. The pizza market in Mexico is estimated to be worth 1 billion pesos.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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