rule of law index The darker the purple, the worse the ranking.

Mexico ranks 88th on rule of law index

Justice system, corruption earned the worst scores on the index of 113 countries

Mexico has ranked No. 88 in a field of 113 countries on an index that measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday situations by the general public.

On last year’s index, an initiative of the World Justice Project, Mexico placed 79th.

Of the eight factors used to create the index, open government was the only one in which Mexico fared reasonably well, ranking 34th.

Criminal and civil justice fared the worst, with rankings of 108th and 101st, respectively, followed by the absence of corruption, where it placed 99th.

Other factors were order and security, where it placed 94th; regulatory enforcement, 85th; constraints on government powers, 83rd; and fundamental rights, 75th.

The study found that most of those factors were unchanged, but none had improved. In fact, two — constraints on government powers and fundamental rights — were trending downwards.

At the top of the index were Denmark, Norway and Finland. At the bottom, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Venezuela.

The index was based on more than 100,000 surveys of households and experts.

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