Trump and EPN: phone call ends meeting plans. Trump and EPN: phone call ends meeting plans.

Mexico-US relations ‘frozen’ after testy call

Plans for a March meeting are scrapped after Trump loses his temper: report

A testy phone call between Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and his United States counterpart Donald Trump was the catalyst for a joint decision to call off a planned meeting between the pair, according to a report published Saturday in the Washington Post.


The Post said that Trump’s border wall proposal took up a considerable portion of a roughly 50-minute conversation between the two leaders last Tuesday and was — as in the past — a major source of contention.

According to Mexican and U.S. officials who spoke to the newspaper on the condition of anonymity, Trump refused to agree to publicly affirm Mexico’s repeated assertion that it will not pay for the construction of the wall.

Trump “lost his temper” during the call, one Mexican official said, while U.S. officials instead described the president as frustrated and exasperated because he believed it was unreasonable for Peña Nieto to expect him to walk away from his campaign promise that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Both sides agreed, however, that Peña Nieto’s desire to avoid public embarrassment and Trump’s refusal to make that assurance was the crucial factor that led to the cancelation of the bilateral meeting that had been slated to take place in March.

The decision dashes arrangements that were agreed to in Washington earlier this month between a delegation of Mexican officials and a team of Trump advisers, led by the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Mexican team, led by Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray, left the White House on February 14 believing it had an agreement that wall funding would not be brought up in a meeting between the two presidents.


According to sources cited by prominent Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, the call not only led to the meeting’s cancelation but has also caused a deterioration in relations between foreign affairs staff in Mexico and their counterparts in Washington.

In an opinion piece published today on the news website Debate, the well-known columnist and news anchor wrote: “I don’t know if they no longer take calls from Videgaray in the White House but what some sources have confided to me is that at other levels of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, bilateral contacts have been broken.”

Loret de Mola described the climate of relations between the two countries as “frozen.”

Prior to the news that Peña Nieto would not travel to Washington, some political analysts in Mexico said meeting Trump would be risky given the U.S. president’s propensity for verbal combat and one-upmanship.

The Mexican president, in contrast, prefers to avoid conflict in face-to-face meetings.

With the presidential election just over four months away, there is a risk that any perception of kowtowing to the U.S. could not only be further damaging to Peña Nieto’s already embattled administration but also to the chances of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party’s candidate, José Antonio Meade.

A vast majority of Mexicans consider the wall proposal as both offensive and racist and several members of the federal government have been at pains to assert that Mexico will under no circumstances pay for it.

Peña Nieto and Trump previously clashed on the same issue in another phone call that took place just a week after the latter’s inauguration in January 2017.  They met on the sidelines at a G20 meeting in Germany in July but neither leader has visited the other in Washington or Mexico City since Trump became president.

A former Mexican ambassador to the United States told the Post that Trump’s unrelenting attitude towards building the wall and making Mexico pay for it has come at a cost to the wider relationship between the two countries.

“The problem is that President Trump has painted himself, President Peña Nieto and the bilateral relationship into a corner,” Arturo Sarukhan said.

“Even from the get-go, the idea of Mexico paying for the wall was never going to fly. His relationship with Mexico isn’t strategically driven. It’s not even business; it’s personal, driven by motivations and triggers, and that’s a huge problem. It could end up with the U.S. asking itself, ‘who lost Mexico?’” he explained.

However, despite the wall issue and NAFTA renegotiation talks that have also been highly contentious, Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray said earlier this month that the bilateral relationship between the two neighbors is closer under Trump than it has been previously.

“I think in many ways the relationship is more fluid,” Videgaray remarked while standing alongside U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Mexico City. “It’s closer than it was with previous administrations, which might be surprising to some people, but that’s a fact of life.”

According to U.S officials, Peña Nieto might make another attempt to visit Washington later in the year and there is also a possibility that he will meet with Trump on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas which will be held in Lima, Peru, in April.

But with the political stakes already high and rising further as the July 1 election approaches, there is a possibility that Peña Nieto and Trump will not hold formal face-to-face talks before the former vacates the president’s office in December.

Source: The Washington Post (en), Debate (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Why meet with a lame duck anyway?

    • Mike S

      Both are lame ducks.

      • Hold onto your sombrero, Mikey! Trump will win next time in a landslide. He’s doing a sterling job.

        • cooncats

          More like he needs to hold onto his tin foil hat, Felipe. LOL

          • djr4nger

            Right . . and Hillary was favored to win by all the major news outlets. There’s delusion – and then there’s reality.

      • cooncats

        And you are a lame terminal case of TDS. FYI the term lame duck applies to politicians NOT running or NOT able to run for re-election usually in their last 2 years.

        • David Nichols

          Mike is blinded by his dependence on a failed ideology, now couple that with his hatred of President Donald Trump and he is just having an endless succession of bad days watching Trump succeed where Obama failed to deliver in eight years…
          He is more to be pitied than censored…

      • faithandhonor


      • David Nichols

        No Mikey, the lame one is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who managed to lose TWICE…once to a inexperienced half black community organizer and again to a man who had never run for political office in his life…and he took First Prize..! She got Bill…

    • Since Mexican presidents are limited to one term, they’re all lame ducks immediately on taking office.

      • cooncats

        I’m aware of that.

    • Parque_Hundido

      A single term politician is not a lame duck, genius. As with the French system, the president serves for five years. The Mexican president can serve a single term.

      • cooncats

        Technically correct and I stand corrected. Lame duck: “an official (especially the president) in the final period of office, after the election of a successor.” Since a successor hasn’t been elected he isn’t a lame duck yet. He’s just lame.

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Wonder how many media outlets will carry this quote?
    “I think in many ways the relationship is more fluid,” Videgaray remarked while standing alongside U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Mexico City. “It’s closer than it was with previous administrations, which might be surprising to some people, but that’s a fact of life.”
    My guess? Not many if it doesn’t further the left’s cause.

    • Cool Hand Luke

      Just to answer my own question.
      A quick search: 0

    • Parque_Hundido

      Search harder. It’s been all over the press specialized in Latin America.

      It may come as a surprise to Republicans, but US-Mexico relations likely reached their low point under Clinton. Secretary Clinton.

      • Cool Hand Luke

        How many Americans who are exposed to the American msm media were told of this?
        You know the answer: it wouldn’t fare well for the left.
        They are trying to create the impression everything was perfect before.

        • Parque_Hundido

          I’m read broadly. I read it the next day.

          Trump’s supporters tend to be lower on the education scale. I’m not surprised if you or other Trump supporters did not read this. As a group, you don’t tend to read much.

          • Cool Hand Luke

            Ignorance is bliss and arrogance is dangerous.
            I would rather be blissful than dangerous.
            I’ve seen enough of what the liberal, left thinking dangerous actions have done for us.
            One of the major reasons why the Western world is in the shape it’s in.

          • Parque_Hundido

            You mean as the economic, scientific and cultural leader of the world?

  • DreadFool

    WAPO wire-tapping the Oval Office (again)

  • Mike S

    Hard to have a productive dialogue with a narcissistic pathological liar who sits on his gold sitter all night tweeting angry incoherent insults.

    • Cool Hand Luke

      At least even in this “narcissistic pathological liar” state, he getting more accomplished than his predecessor did in 8 years for the American population as a whole.
      Now you don’t have to believe it nor accept it but the numbers are telling the truth even if the media doesn’t tell you that.
      Which then causes me to ask “who really is the “pathological liar”?
      And, no, I didn’t vote for him.

      • Mike S

        So lets look at Agent Oranges accomplishments first 400 days:

        He has destroyed a good working relationship with Mexico, our 3rd largest trading partner and peaceful southern neighbor with insults and bigotry.

        Destroyed Obamacare and now a 100 million Americans will be under or uninsured by 2019- right back were we were in 2008.

        Gutted the EPA and pulled out of the Paris Accords- real smart.

        Gave a $1.4 trillion dollar gift to wealthy corporations and the 1%, all put on a credit card owned by the middle class.

        Has basically ruined relations with Mexico and strained them with Canada.

        Has done NOTHING about Chines Mercantilism and our trade imbalance grew 9% last year.

        Is running massive deficits during “good economic times” reversing shrinking deficits of last 4 years under Obama.

        Has added fewer jobs in 2017 than were added in 2016.

        Inflation and higher interest rates are looming by 2019.

        Has done almost nothing about the opiod crisis and the continuing out-of-control homicide and mass shooting rates.

        Took a victory lap for demise of ISIS after Obama’s 2014 well thought out coalition plan succeeded in Syria.

        Has told over 2000 verified bold faced lies in 400 days and his base could care less.

        Has offered a vague but what looks like a totally corrupt plan for fixing our infrastructure.

        Has left Puerto Rico without needed help from hurricane devastation.

        Continues to hold demagogic campaign rallies 400 days after his election.

        Appointed a corporate shill to the Supreme Court to assume Merrick Garland’s stolen seat.

        Commands very little respect from our allies but is loved in Saudi Arabia and Russia.

        Denies any marital infidelity.

        Praises and identifies with undemocratic and authoritarian leaders around the world.

        Does Netanyahu’s bidding and wants to revoke an important nuclear treaty with Iran against the advice of all our allies plus Russia and China.

        Places totally unqualified relatives in the White House with security clearances.

        Has fired almost all his inter circle of advisers and obstructed justice in the Russian campaign investigation.

        He reads noting and is glued to Fox News for his information and ideas. Sits on his gold shitter all night tweeting insults and bizarre policy statements.

        He wants coal over solar and wind power.

        He is the first modern president to keep his tax returns secret.

        I could go on and on. To hear Trump tell it, he is the greatest and most accomplished president in our history. That’s why acedemic historians now rate him the WORST.

        “It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled”


        • Cool Hand Luke

          Feel like I just read a CNN script.
          Only worse.
          If that is even possible.

          • Rick Drake

            The ONLY thing worse would be a Faux news script.

        • DreadFool

          sounds like you’e ready to join the Scientology Total Truth Squad

          • Mike S

            No fool, I detest cults and conmen like Hubbard and Trump.

          • DreadFool

            that’s Mister Fool. thank you.

        • faithandhonor

          You really can’t do much more than just call people names, can you? Silly boy. Now go stand in the corner until your manners improve.

        • djr4nger

          – and just what was Obama’s brilliant game plane for defeating ISIS . . . . ?

          • Mike S

            There was great pressure from Republicans like jingoist McCain to launch a major US ground war into Syria. Obama was roundly criticized for pulling out of Iraq (as he promised during his campaign) instead of leaving behind an ineffective garrison of 10,000 US troops in Iraq confined on a base with targets on their backs. Obama resisted that pressure and instead put together a coalition of troops from neighboring countries and supplied them with weapons and advisers and US air power. He drew up an effective means of slowly cutting off their funding. He offended Turkey by arming and training the Kurd. He said the vice was closing on them and it would take 3 years. It was right on schedule and Trump took the victory lap. It will be interesting to see if he stands up to Putin in the peace process or hands everything over to Putin & Erdogan.



          • DreadFool

            is Turkey a threat to US natl security too? Mike BS. you need a political cleansing, can I sign you up for a yoruba ritual on a sunny Haitian isle?

          • Cool Hand Luke

            A sunny Haitian Isle, all paid for by the Clintons – well ok the money never quite got there but the thought did. Well maybe not even the thought got there.

          • Mike S

            Turkey is an unreliable NATO partner. They allowed thousands of ISIS recruits to come and go unimpeded until the very end. They did nothing to stop stolen oil sales funding ISIS. They attacked our most valuable ally in Syria- the Kurds. Erdogan has turned into a right-wing religious authoritarian loved now by Trump AND Putin.

          • DreadFool

            Turkey is aligning with Iran, Russia and China and could give a hooka about what the Pentagon thinks or wants. Tio Sam has no business in Syria, other than imperialist delusions. The old enemy narrative regarding Russia is so crusty, it’s hard to take ppl serious who still dwell on it. Remember that during the so-called cold war, Armand Hammer provided America’s grain to feed the Commies, coz if they had starved, we’d be out of an enemy, right? gag me with a doomsday spoon.

          • Mike S

            Turkey is shifting to more religious authoritarian state; that used to be kept in check by the military but no more. They should be kicked out NATO. Certainly the US & Western Europe had a big interest in dismantling ISIS and all of radical Islam for that matter. Assad is a murderous dictator but I guess he keeps radical Islam under control. If Assad had the second biggest undeveloped oil reserves in the world, Trump would probably invade like Bush-Cheney did in Iraq. Iran is the most likely Muslim country to eventually moderate when the next generation takes over. They are Trump’s dire enemy because Israel insists. They real snakes in the grass are the Saudis…Trump’s new found great allies who will lend Trump Enterprises lots of money. Chinese are just opportunists who ignore religion. Let Putin and Erdogan walk down the aisle- Trump can be the best man.

          • DreadFool

            you’re regurgitating the network news talking points almost verbatim, but ignoring the bigger picture of Syria’s strategic geopolitical importance. Terms like “murderous dictator” are really silly devices, especially when 45% of the world’s arms are made in the USA.

          • Cool Hand Luke

            You must miss the glory days of Benghazi, uranium deals with Russia, spying on your own political party, cheating at debates within your own party, meetings on airport tarmacs, Chicago black on black crime while Obama does nothing, the “Fast and the Furious” helping cartels to kill your own people, low black employment, violent illegals flooding across the border, the Clinton corruptions and the CF, dossiers, ..etc. etc. etc…..ahhhh, yes those were the glory days.

          • Mike S

            Benghazi was a total political witch hunt. The so called uranium deal was actually a total none story. Of course Russia hacked the DNC…they wanted a Putin-loving buffoon elected. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump but Hillary was by far the lesser of 2 evils. Fast and Furious was started during the Bush era and was the result of a ATF with cowboy cops that had been out-of-control for 20 years. Holder was not directly involved in any way. Maybe with some NATIONAL gun control deaths could go down in Chicago where most guns come in from Mississippi, Alabama, and La. Your are such a dedicated soldier of Fox Nation.

          • Parque_Hundido

            Let’s get real: Clinton did real and lasting damage to US relations with Latin America, while doing precious little to further US interests anywhere outside of the multilateral institutions that depend on the consent of the very donor nations she alienated.

            Whatever one thinks of Clinton, she didn’t win friends among the Foreign Service.

            Not the dumpster fire of Trump, true. But Trump is likely a fluke. Clinton was a long term trend.

          • rgaura

            Mike S, you are missing the story on Benghazi. Obama and HRC stole tons of gold that was to establish a gold backed African currency. They stole Libya´s arms and sent them to ISIS in Lybia and Syria. They let an american diplomat die to cover up the operation, and then lied to the public that this was all caused by a cheesy video. The DNC has not proved a hack. Intelligence officers state unequivocally that it was copied at a speed which indicates it was an insider with a zip drive. We know it was the late IT DNC worker, Seth Rich. And if Holder wasn´t involved, who was running the agency? Sounds like criminal negligence in the least. Holder´s claim to fame is his `legal opinion´ that we can´t prosecute big banks, because they employ too many people. The uranium deal was flat out pay to play. State and FBI knew they should´t allow the deal to go through, they had evidence of bribery and many crimes surrounding the deal. Oh, and remember when Fukushima blew? HRC was right there, offering a market to Japan for all of that radioactive food that could´t be sold in Japan. Did she organise an international response? No, the damn thing is still burning down into the earth´s crust and polluting the Pacific ocean. HRC was the more effective evil. Donny does´t have the deep state connections and mafia at his fingertips. We can be thankful for that.

          • Mike S

            Are you related to Alex Jones?

          • Rick Drake

            Have another really tall glass of Koolaid.

          • Cool Hand Luke

            One doesn’t have to be from “FOX Nation”, one just has to be intelligent and able enough to detect the difference between bs and truth.
            Let me guess?
            You’re an avid air traveler and have had your head filled or washed at every airport by “CNN truths”? (note the oxymoron!) Oops.The same ones they retract later?
            It must be true or they wouldn’t allow it in public airports, right?

        • So much winning.

      • Parque_Hundido

        On what planet? More indictments, yes. Nothing else.

        • Cool Hand Luke

          CNN viewer?
          Thought so.
          US government has been corrupt and vile for so long people now accept it as the norm.

          • Parque_Hundido

            You are literally overlooking and excusing indictments to call the US government corrupt.

            Irony much?

  • I’m a big Trump fan, but he really needs to stop this business of Mexico paying for the wall. It’s silly. If a nation wants to protect its borders, and it should, it’s that nation’s responsibility, not their neighbors. It was an effective campaign slogan, but it’s time to retire it.

    • djr4nger

      I agree – Trump needs to stop this divisive nonsense and just get on with it. We need to be partners with Mexico – not adversaries.

    • esther gomez

      The decent people will tear down that wall too.

  • WestCoastHwy

    I once in the early days, use to deal directly with Mexicans but not for a long time, that’s what proxies are for but the current USA president isn’t that bright. Mexicans are very official up front but 99.9% of Mexican deals are procured in the back rooms with hookers.

  • Sandy Vought

    I say….there are many ways for Mexico to pay for the Wall….We can tax people leaving the US to enter Mexico for the wall…we can take more business away from Mexico/Nafta and use the extra taxes we get from new US factories to pay for the wall…we can tax liquor and wine at a higher rate. We can add a duty to what is made in Mexico and shipped to the US, we can pass a law to tax money made in the US and being sent to Mexico…I am sure their are dozens of creative and legal ways to get money from Mexico without them even needing to write a check to pay for the wall…The money we are saving by returning illegal Mexicans to Mexico will pay for the wall in very little time…Trump needs to stop worrying about how Mexico pays for the Wall…and just explain how he will tax or penalize Mexico to get the Wall paid for…

    • Joe Whitmore

      Thanks, Sandy!

    • David Procter

      It works both ways. Every one of those “ways” you suggest has a downside, too. Why do you think trump hasn’t done any of them by now? Mexico could stop policing its southern border for terrorists, for instance. Did you even think of that? There are agreements that protect the USA and Mexico that you and I have no knowledge of, and they could be put into serious jeopardy if trump pushed the envelope. We don’t need the wall; we don’t need a massive monument to trump’s EGO, and that is all a wall would be.

    • Rick Drake

      Ready for that huge increase in gas to pay for infrastructure?

  • Roger Dimitt

    Keep the illegals out of the United States and deport the ones that are here already including the so called dreamers.

  • Roy S

    We are in charge of this, Mexico is not. What is so difficult about this?
    And there is always the WAPO slant on things. Maybe those that think otherwise need to change the channel.

  • Parque_Hundido

    They’re hardly “frozen”.

    For those wondering, when US – Mexico relations were “good”, there was a coordination call between the outgoing Mexican president and the sitting US President. Its purpose was to calm investors and speculators.

    Relations had already deteriorated when this spat ocurred, although it has largely served to underscore distrust in US stability and stoke fears about the instability of the peso.

  • Gilberto Atl González

    México has been a strategical partner of the US, and not always for the better, for many, many years. The vast majority of us have got accustomed to it since birth, even if we have always been on the losing side. Trump helped us by pulling off the disguise, and the veil on our eyes, and now we see things just the way they are: there´s a whole wide world outside, and we´re eager to shift to Europe and China for trade: the “Proudly made in the USA” monniker had already lost it´s appeal many years ago, and now my country is swarming with russian and chinese nationals selling and buying. It seems US government push US citizens under the bus, cause Trump itself keeps on manufacturing goods outside. I myself own a Pakistan made trump brand shirt, which I bought at a bargain store… +4 years ago.

  • Gilberto Atl González

    Sorry guys, I´m afraid you are already starting to know what it means to live in a 3rd world country, with government officials only interested in embezzling your money. I sincerely wish you luck, hopefully you´ll rebound soon.