Trump's tweet regarding NAFTA yesterday. Trump's tweet regarding NAFTA yesterday.

MX won’t negotiate via social networks

Foreign Affairs responds to Donald Trump tweet regarding NAFTA talks

Mexico will not conduct trade negotiations through social networks, the Foreign Affairs Secretariat said yesterday after United States President Donald Trump suggested — not for the first time — that he may have to terminate NAFTA.


“We are in the NAFTA (worst trade deal ever made) renegotiation process with Mexico and Canada,” Trump wrote yesterday morning on Twitter. “Both being very difficult, may have to terminate?”

That tweet followed an earlier one in which Trump once again picked up the border wall theme. “With Mexico being one of the highest crime Nations in the world, we must have THE WALL. Mexico will pay for it through reimbursement/other.”

The Foreign Affairs Secretariat said in a statement that no aspect of the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the U.S. would be managed through social networks or declarations in media outlets.

It rejected once again the notion that Mexico would pay for a wall on the border between the two countries. “. . . our country will not pay, in any way and under no circumstances, for a wall or physical barrier” on the Mexican border.

“This determination is not part of Mexico’s negotiating strategy but a principle of sovereignty and national dignity.”

The secretariat repeated Mexico’s position that violence generated by drug trafficking is a shared problem that would end should the high demand for drugs in the U.S. do the same.


“International criminal organizations have caused the deaths of thousands of Mexicans, including members of the armed forces and police, and thousands of people from the U.S.,” the statement said.

“Only on the basis of shared responsibility, team work and mutual trust will we be able to overcome this challenge.”

Earlier this year, Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto agreed they would not publicly discuss who would pay for a border wall, thus ending a communications breakdown between the two countries.

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, a likely candidate in next year’s presidential election and current head of the National Governors’ Conference, yesterday labeled Trump’s policies as “dangerous” and said they were causing damage to an entire country, referring to the U.S.

He also said it would not be Mexico’s fault if the trade agreement were terminated, and forecast that a trading relationship would continue with U.S. businesses through other means should that happen.

Mancera said Mexico must also improve relations with countries to the south.

Source: Milenio (sp), Reforma (sp)

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  • Mike S

    Mexico needs to realize that Trump is a grandstanding narcissistic conman and knows very little about the intricacies of NAFTA or trade in general. Trump’s base are mostly uneducated bigots and he needs to look “tough” for them. NAFTA will be tweaked a little here and there and Trump will make all kinds of grandiose claims, but in the end the agreement is not going to revoked as he ranted during his campaign. The real trade villain for the US is China and its mercantilism and Trump has already abandon his campaign promises on reigning that in. Unlike Mx, China does not buy many US manufactured goods. Trump Enterprises owes the Chinese National Bank $400 million & Ivanka has a sweat shop there so they are off the hook. Also Jared has been peddling green-card for $500k apiece in China to finance a big family condo-hotel project in New Jersey.

    • jdwfinger

      I agree with what you said except the ‘peddling green-card for $500k apiece’.
      That has been the policy for many years. That is very easy to look up.

      • Mike S

        The whole idea behind the selling of Green Cards was to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to invest here and start small businesses creating decent jobs. Selling green cards to wealthy Chinese in order to finance fancy condo-hotels doesn’t really create many steady good paying jobs once it is built. The Chinese communist government will have the final say on that practice and the Kushner family (and Ivanka) doesn’t want to ruffle their feathers with any trade reforms. The whole selling of green cards is corrupt and needs to stop.

        • jdwfinger

          again agree that selling green cards needs to stop. But as I said this has been going on for many years, not just for the Trump kids. Don’t like the game, change the rules. The rules are set up not for you and me but for the 1%ers.

          • Mike S

            Very true but no Administration in history has ever put family members with no apparent qualifications in the White House who turned around and started using their influence for personal gain the way Trump has done with Ivanka & Jared. The whole thing stinks and influences the Orange Warthog’s backing off on trade reform with China. What are those two doing in the inter circle of the White House with offices there? But then again where are Trump’s tax returns? Where is the truly blind trust? Every day Trump violates the emolument clause. Trump and his Goldman Sachs cabinet may turn out to be the most corrupt president ever:


  • Trump has no idea what a Trade agreement is and what it does. Before Nafta all US made products imported into Mexico were subject to very high tariffs. The elimination of tariffs and the opening of markets was almost all on the Mexican side. Anyone that has worked in the Maquiladora industry since before NAFTA will tell you that manufacturers had a much better deal with Mexico before NAFTA. There was no prohibition on conditioning imports based on their exportation as there is now, No sectoral programs – no prohibitions on Chinese raw materials.

    • Güerito

      In real terms, Mexican wages are stagnant since NAFTA was signed. And inequality has increased.

      Mexican manufacturing wages are low even by Latin American standards. The Trump team initially stated an important part of the negotiation was raising wages for Mexican manufacturing jobs.

      The Mexican side immediately rejected it.

  • Güerito

    “International criminal organizations have caused the deaths of … thousands of people from the U.S.,” the statement said.

    Really? Good to get that acknowledgement.

    • bety

      Wrong, if what you say is true (I did not read the article in Milenio) …, I guess he meant “thousands of American citizens have been killed (or died) because of drugs..

      • Güerito

        I did read the Milenio article, and the number of US citizens killed is mentioned in discussing cartel violence. Of course, many US citizens are killed in Mexico as a result of cartel violence, but it’s probably not in the thousands. I’ve seen figures around 200 or so per year, but many of those are US or dual citizens of Mexican ancestry, not your typical foreign tourist or ex-pat.

  • Rob Mellors

    Trump is like some young baby having a temper tantrum and throwing his toys out of the pram, because sovereign nations are standing up to his bullying tactics. What a complete and utter plonker!