Patricio García The governor applauds Patricio García's criticism of governors.

Mexico’s governments corrupt, inept: student

Young woman gives highly critical speech as governor looks on

The governor of Chihuahua got an unexpected earful yesterday in a strongly-worded speech by a secondary school student who lashed out at government for corruption and ineptitude.

Luz Elena Patricio García took the microphone at a talent and culture event in Ciudad Juárez and gave a spirited discourse on the state of the nation in terms of governance. She pulled no punches.

Flanked by Gov. César Duarte Jáquez and a member of his cabinet, Patricio García made a blanket accusation against state governors for robbery and failure to complete their obligations.

“These fourth-rate politicians misuse tax revenues, squander what belongs to us for their personal benefit instead of completing public works for the benefit of our communities.

“Our country is being left paraplegic . . . .”

The speaker delivered her dissertation with all the flair of an experienced politician and several times drew loud applause from her audience, in which Gov. Duarte enthusiastically joined.

Patricio García warned that when citizens lose their confidence in those who govern, governability is put at risk, creating the danger of an armed movement.

She pointed out that students are well aware of what is going on.

“You believe that because we are young people we have not become aware of this serious problem, but allow me to contradict you, because we are the ones most affected and of course we know and we understand every move you make. Not all of us youngsters are ignorant; we know that corruption continues growing.”

Patricio García finished her dissertation, which ran at least three minutes long, by observing that Mexico has many honest people who, unlike politicians, wish for its health, happiness and prosperity.

The governor congratulated Patricio García on her ability at public speaking and later published a photo of them together on his social media accounts.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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