Dengue, chikungunya or Zika?

Microcephaly case linked to zika virus

Baby born in Oaxaca in November was the first such case in Mexico

The Health Secretariat has confirmed the first case of microcephaly in a newborn infant in Mexico, one that is linked directly to the Zika virus.

The premature baby died during childbirth in November in the state of Oaxaca.

The National Institute of Perinatology in Mexico City confirmed the microcephaly diagnosis, and found traces of the Zika virus in the amniotic fluid, along with congenital deformities.

The Health Secretariat said in a press release that between November 2015 and January 2017 it confirmed 7,634 cases of Zika infections, 4,252 of which were pregnant women. Of those, 588 have given birth.

The health agency warned it was possible there would be more cases.

The secretariat repeated its recommendations to avoid contracting the Zika virus by using long-sleeved shirts and pants and mosquito repellent; keeping water containers clean and covered; turning pails and bottles upside down, and properly discarding those no longer in use; and keeping doors and windows closed or protected with mosquito nets.

Pregnant women should attend their prenatal appointments and, along with the general public, seek medical consultation in case of suffering any of the symptoms.

The Zika virus is like a mild form of dengue fever transmitted by the same mosquito, and is usually treated by rest. It cannot be prevented by drugs or vaccines.

Official figures indicated that last July there were 667 cases of Zika infections, and that 287 of them were pregnant women.

Source: Zeta Tijuana (sp)

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