Migrants were abandoned with neither food nor water. Migrants were abandoned with neither food nor water.

Migrants abandoned: 147 left in trailer

Bound for the US, they made it as far as Veracruz

Immigration officials say 147 Central American migrants were found Saturday abandoned in a rural area in Veracruz.


The migrants said they had been traveling in a cramped, poorly ventilated tractor-trailer when their human smugglers pulled off the road in Ozuluama and left them and the trailer, promising to return.

The migrants were en route to the United States from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Forty-eight were minors, 14 of those unaccompanied by an adult.

They had been abandoned without food or water.

State police said local residents provided initial assistance after the migrants walked to the nearby community of Tantima looking for food and water.

Ten migrants died earlier this month in Texas after being abandoned in a stifling tractor-trailer in a Walmart parking lot. More than 100 people had been packed into the trailer for the journey from the border to San Antonio.

Seven of the dead were from Mexico.

Source: El Universal (sp), Excélsior (sp)

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  • Güerito

    34 of the 39 immigrants found in the trailer in San Antonio were Mexicans.

    And as the article indicates, seven of the ten who died were Mexicans.

  • American Tax Payer

    Hey you ever so diversity and tolerance loving mexicans, what y’all doin’ with them illegal aliens you got there? Sending them back home or to MY HOME?

    Nobody likes to be invaded and this means y’all. When “We” Send you back y’all’s hombre’s and y’all want to make a fuss about it, just remember how y’all treat illegal aliens yourselves and remember, ‘Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated’…