Mitsubishi Group is wind farm investor

Isthmus of Tehuantepec project will be largest in Latin America

The government of Oaxaca has announced a US $1.2-billion investment in a wind farm by the Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Group that will provide a 65-million-peso (US $3.4-million) windfall for the municipality of Juchitán.


Eólica del Sur, or “southern wind power,” will be the largest wind farm in Latin America in terms of investment and size.

To be located in the municipalities of Juchitán and El Espinal in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the project will consist of 132 high-technology wind turbines with a total capacity of 396 megawatts.

The project has been planned for several years, and has had different investors, but it has been halted a number of times due to local opposition.

Juchitán Mayor Gloria Sánchez López said the cash represented payment for a land-use change and a construction permit for the wind farm, which will the municipality’s 14th.

Councilors will decide how the money is spent, she said, pointing out the payment will be made “transparently.”


Sánchez also said the federal and state governments had agreed to pay for the installation of two of the wind turbines, whose electrical output would be for the use of the community.

In announcing the project on Thursday, Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa said local communities would also enjoy benefits such as a 35% reduction in household electrical costs and the installation of 5,242 energy-saving lights in Juchitán, providing a 30% saving to the municipality.

Critics of the wind farms in Oaxaca, where at least 2,000 turbines have already been installed, claim that benefits promised to local communities are not always delivered.

“Over time, the people have seen fewer benefits than originally promised,” says Marcelino Nolasco, coordinator of the Tepeyac human rights center in Oaxaca. And the fact that citizens have not seen the lower energy costs that had been promised adds to their resentment, he said.

“Support [for wind power] is diminishing. And each new wind turbine generates more tension.”

Source: Milenio (sp), El Imparcial (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    That’s what I’m talking about! Now there will be needed a security detail 24/7 at a cost beyond restitution so the local Hillbillies won’t steal or damage any hardware.

    On top of the Hillbillies is the Gas providers looking to convert the old oil burning generators. How do you determine who is who when things go south for Solar and Wind generation. Energy is more powerful then the Drug Cartel so if an Energy War brakes out in Mexico, Holy @#$% will hit the fan!

  • GOPerson

    If these people were smart they would finance a Thorium Salt reactor that would provide 100% of the power needed for these communities. They could tuck it behind the hill and not ruin the skyline. It would work all the time, not just when the wind blew. Plus these turbines need almost constant repair so if you have six, you can be sure only five are working at a time.
    (If you don’t know about these reactors, check them out on Youtube.)

  • Karen Walker

    Not going to work ! Ontario went this route, spending millions and closing conventional power stations. Guess what ??
    Ontario now has the most expensive electricity in the World and the cost is going to increase 50% by 2028.