the band the warning The Warning: music history being made.

Monterrey band finds fame on YouTube

The three sisters aged 10, 13 and 16 released an EP of original music last week

A new band from Monterrey whose videos have gone viral on YouTube has signed with a record company and released their first recording. And the oldest player is 16.

The Warning — made up of three sisters — even found a fan in Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of the heavy-metal band Metallica, who tweeted that The Warning’s 13-year-old drummer Paulina “kicks maximum ass.”

But according to Kate Beaudoin, writing on, Hammett didn’t quite get it right: all three kick maximum ass.

Paulina’s older sister, Daniela, plays lead guitar and sings. Her younger sister, Alejandra is 10, and plays bass. And according to YouTube comments, they rock.

Their YouTube cover of the Metallica song Enter Sandman has had nearly 6.2 million views, generated nearly 35,000 likes and earned 4,500 comments. That and other videos were uploaded for family and friends and were never expected to go viral.

The next break came when their mother invited the owner of a Monterrey-based recording studio to attend a show by the band at a local university.

“I attended the show, sat on the front row and got chills the entire time,” said Victoria Morales-Kuhne of Victoria Records. “Their original music was incredible, everything I could ever hope for and more . . . I knew this was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments when you’re witnessing music history and music greatness, and if you’re lucky in this industry, you run into one artist like The Warning once in your lifetime.”

Two weeks later the band signed with Victoria Records and an EP of original music, Escape the Mind, followed last Tuesday.

All three sisters began taking music lessons early, and all started on the piano. Now they want to continue their studies by attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Supporters launched an appeal on and have raised over US $12,000 so far to pay for tuition, visas and further music lessons.

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