The top and bottom 10 cities on the Mercer index. The top and bottom 10 cities on the Mercer index.

Monterrey is ranked Mexico’s best city

Nuevo León's capital No. 110 in quality of living rankings

Monterrey is the best city in Mexico for quality of life, according to the latest quality of living survey by Mercer, the international human resources consulting firm.


The capital of Nuevo León was one of two Mexican cities on the list of 231 and ranked 110th. Mexico City was ranked No. 128, down one position from last year.

Most of the cities that ranked in the top 10 were in Europe, with Vienna in first place for the eighth year in a row. It was followed by the German cities of Munich and Dusseldorf.

The highest ranked city in Latin America was Montevideo, Uruguay, in 79th place.

One of the key factors in the rankings is infrastructure — access to transportation, reliable electricity and drinkable water, which Mercer says is pivotal in determining the quality of living.

The survey is intended to provide multinational corporations and governments with information for making decisions about expanding business operations and sending expatriates on assignment.

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  • miabeach

    I remember when US cities used to crowd the top ten of such lists. Beautiful American cities such as Miami, Orlando, San Diego and Detroit all had the best of everything. Uncluttered, low crime, good jobs, I wonder what happened?

    • cooncats

      Progressivism and runaway immigration, that’s what happened.

      • collegeboy2007

        The hate and the racism, that’s what happened.

        • cooncats

          Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Obama. Biggest racist to occupy the White House in my lifetime. Set racial progress back a hundred years.

          Between him and Bush the idiot warmonger things are in a helluva state aren’t they?

      • Hailey Mannering

        Toronto is often considered the most multi-cultural city on earth. 49% of residents are foreign-born, coming from almost everywhere. Vancouver is 39% foreign born. Both cities are often listed among the top ten cities in the world to live in.

        • cooncats

          I suggest you spend some time reading up on the characteristics and origins of Canadian legal immigrants (there are only about 230K illegal immigrants there) and comparing it to the U.S. profile. Data was actually posted on that here in another discussion. It suffices to say that if you investigate this fully you will realize you are comparing apples and oranges.

          • Paul Beith

            A previous poster mentioned “immigration”, period. There are many illegal immigrants in Toronto and Vancouver. The only one who seems to want to talk about “illegals” is you.

          • cooncats

            Yes and it is obvious why. The favorite tactic of the open borders/deniers types when it comes to immigration is to merge statistics for legals and illegals because the former basically cover the much worse picture for the latter.

            The gumball demonstration of why the world’s problems can’t be solved by allowing the first world to be overrun with immigration, illegal or otherwise, has been posted here a number of times. It shows with mathematical certainty exactly why mass immigration no longer works.

  • Michael Maclean

    I think rather than immigration, the cause of US and Canadian cities not fulfilling their potentials have been lousy urban design and policies dominated by developers’ lack of social ethics.. Public comforts have diminished due to a lack of better public transportation for starters. As the planet urbanizes it is crucial to concsiously bring elements of rural experience into our newly constructed dynamic,including community interactions and commercial ‘seeding’ of youth apprenticeships.

    • Hailey Mannering

      Most such lists include a couple of Canadian cities in the top 10, and at least Vancouver in the top 5. Several of Canada´s larger cities have very good public transit. Canadians are much more likely to use public transit than people in US. As for Monterrey being the best Mexican city – it seems only 2 Mexican cities were on the entire list. Often Merida is rated as Mexico´s best city – or San Miguel de Allende or Queretaro.

      • Michael Maclean

        yes, Canada invests better in socially important aspects of city life. Hence we have semi functional public transit here, that will in fact gets used to capacity…The US could improve its predicament if it chose to.
        And Mexico will continue to descend into chaos until a practical North American narcotics policy is agreed upon. The war on drugs was won long ago by $, and we need to get setious about terms of surrender.

  • WestCoastHwy

    What’s this Latin America Sh#t, where is the German America or the African America or the Asian America….etc. We all live in America so STOP being RACIST! It’s the 21st Century and WE are Educated. Leave that Latin America Sh#t to the Hillbillies!

    • collegeboy2007

      I know you love Mexicans dicks.

    • esent

      You just stereotyped Americans who happen to have been born in Appalachia. Really, they’re all “shit”?

      Additionally, beyond correcting your dubious logic, you might be taken more seriously if you don’t write in all caps. BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A MORON!

  • untitled 1979

    I’ve visited Monterrey and it did not strike me as a top candidate for quality of life. Their centro is third world at the very best. And their culture is filled with classism, racism, colorism etc. Corrupt gov must have paid to get on the list.

    • Carla Sarai

      Ninguna ciudad es perfecta

  • WestCoastHwy

    Hook, LINE, and sinker! Your my big catch of the day. Mr. Hillbilly.