ford fusion Check the trunk for weed.

More pot found in shipment from Mexico

Marijuana shipped with new Fords was second such find in two weeks

Ford vehicles appear to have become a popular means of transporting marijuana to the United States.


Authorities seized 277 pounds of pot Wednesday from a shipment of new Ford vehicles from Mexico, the second such seizure in two weeks.

Employees at a Ford Motor Company rail distribution facility in Woodhaven, Michigan, found the drug inside rail cars holding new Ford and Lincoln vehicles that had been shipped from Mexico.

The earlier drug haul netted 400 pounds of marijuana, valued at more than US $1 million, hidden in the spare tire compartment of Ford Fusions, also manufactured in Mexico.

The discovery was made by an employee at a Ford dealership in Ohio and led to the seizure of more pot in another 14 vehicles at different dealerships.

A Drug Enforcement Administration official said it appeared that the drug traffickers had for some reason been unable to recover the shipment before the vehicles arrived at the dealerships.

A similar find was made in Minnesota in March when marijuana was found in seven Ford Fusions, again in the spare tire compartment. Those cars, too, had been made in Mexico.

“We are taking this very seriously,” Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker told the Detroit News yesterday. “We are working closely with a number of law enforcement agencies on this investigation, including the FBI, Customs, Department of Homeland Security and local police. We cannot comment further as this is an active investigation.”

Source: Detroit News (en), El Diario (sp)

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  • Jerry

    I thought that Ford was going to stop making cars in mexico.

  • Raine Guy

    No, just the one model. And…the production of the model that was stopped in Mexico went to China, not the USA. More smoke blowing by the orange pumpkin.

  • Horacio Fourzan

    I don’t think this is casual. Something thicker might be behind these two cases. Ford Motors Co. not long from now will be a shooting duck, again.

  • djr4nger

    This wouldn’t happen if marijuana was widely decriminalized for adults in the US. Besides the boutique cannabis grown in the USA and Canada is far superior to the cartel weed in Mexico. Mexican cannabis just couldn’t compete in the US open market and there would be no profit in it.