Moreira: Zetas connection alleged. Moreira: Zetas connection alleged.

More testimony links Los Zetas, ex-governor

Unnamed former Zeta claims gang paid Moreira US $2 million per month

New testimony has surfaced linking former Coahuila governor Humberto Moreira to the Zetas drug gang.

An unnamed high-ranking member of the criminal organization told officials from the Attorney General’s office last September that Moreira directly collaborated with the gang during his term as governor, according to information obtained by the newspaper Reforma.

“Governor Humberto Moreira allowed us to set up over 400 tienditas [small convenience stores] to sell drugs and alcohol in Saltillo and its surrounding areas [as well as] 240 in Piedras Negras, 100 in Acuña and 80 in the Cinco Manantiales region,” said the informant, who is being held at the Altiplano maximum security penitentiary.

“In return, [Moreira] received US $2 million dollars per month.”

“We set up round tables with the governor and Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano, whose function was liaison between the governor and business people,” continued the witness.

Those meetings were attended by “business people, ranch owners and politicians, like senators.”

“The arrangement was: we protected them and we murdered, kidnapped, stole and extorted people they singled out. In exchange, we had the freedom to carry on with our activities throughout the state.”

The fallout between Moreira and Los Zetas happened after the nephew of gang leader Miguel Ángel “Z-40” Treviño Morales was killed in a confrontation with state forces.

Allegedly in retaliation, Moreira’s son José Eduardo was executed.

“We cut all communication with the governor, but we still dealt with Muñoz [also known as “El Mono” Muñoz]. He recently sent me a message telling me to remain quiet about all I know,” said the PGR’s witness.

“But that bastard has no right to order me around, he’s nobody and he’s in no position to ask anything from me. He well knows that when I speak, his and the heads of many assholes will roll,” he declared.

There have been allegations that Muñoz Luévano, singled out as a Zeta liaison, was a close collaborator with Moreira while he was governor, and has been linked to several other politicians and government officials.

He was apprehended last March in Spain on suspicion of being a representative of Los Zetas in Europe and is about to be extradited to the United States, where he faces drug trafficking charges. His extradition was approved yesterday.

Moreira is currently seeking to run again for public office, this time as a state Deputy. Opposition party members have suggested he is doing so in order to obtain a fuero, which grants immunity from prosecution to government officials.

As governor he ran up a huge state debt before resigning to become national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. He resigned that office after news of the state’s debt surfaced.

A former Zetas member linked Moreira to the gang while giving testimony last summer in Texas at the trial of Marciano Millán Vázquez, one-time Piedras Negras plaza chief.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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