drone and meth cargo Drone that crashed in Tijuana parking lot.Tijuana public safety secretariat

Too much meth brings down drone

Airborne drug mule crashes in supermarket parking lot

Three kilograms of crystal meth proved to be too much for a Spreading Wings S900 drone that crashed in a shopping center parking lot Tuesday night near Tijuana.

Officials said an anonymous caller reported the drone’s crash outside the Casa Ley supermarket in Pueblo Amigo in Zona del Río near the San Ysidro border crossing. Six packages of methamphetamine were taped to the aircraft, but the weight appeared to have been too much, officials said.

The six-propeller drone is advertised by its maker as being ideal for filmmaking, but Mexican drug traffickers also find them useful for their own purposes. There have been many reports in the past four years of drones, also known as “blind mules,” being used to move drugs across the border into the United States.

As of last July U.S. officials estimated that 150 narco drones had crossed the border carrying a total of two tons of cocaine and other drugs.

The Spreading Wings S900 no-frills model sells for US $1,400; the most expensive costs $3,500, a steal for a drug cartel.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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