jose cuervo tequila Forget the champagne, bring on the tequila.

How much tequila to do Auld Lang Syne?

José Cuervo comes up with creative New Year's campaign

How many bottles of tequila does it take to do a fair rendition of the traditional New Year’s song, Auld Lang Syne?

Fifty-seven, but they have to be the José Cuervo brand.

The iconic Mexican tequila maker has created a unique musical instrument in the cuervosel, a hand-cranked carousel of 57 tequila bottles filled to various tuneful levels and a vacuum that blows air over the tops of the bottles.

The device was built in collaboration with the ad agency McCann Erikson and the production company Fall On Your Sword in an effort to present tequila as an alternative to champagne for New Year’s celebrations.

“As far as alcohol goes, champagne flutes, popping corks and bubbly kind of own the night on New Year’s Eve,” said a McCann spokeswoman, “so Cuervo needed a way to mark the occasion in a uniquely Cuervo way.”

The cuervosel campaign is being shown on social media.

José Cuervo and McCann Erikson teamed up earlier this year to produce another unique and creative campaign called History in a Bottle, an interactive presentation of the brand’s history that also includes an augmented reality app.

Source: Marketing Land (en)

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