Quiroga: internationalization has boosted growth. Quiroga: internationalization has boosted growth.

MX passes Germany in beer production

The country is now the world's fourth largest brewer

Mexico overtook Germany in beer production last year to become the fourth largest brewer in the world.

Beer production increased by just over 8% during 2016, totalling 10.5 billion liters.

The main force behind the industry’s growth has been in exports, which grew by 13% to 3.2 billion liters, growth that is directly related to the advances in internationalization of Mexican brands achieved by AB InBev and Heineken.

“Global companies have done a very good job in positioning Mexican beer brands abroad,” said Maribel Quiroga Fernández, general manager of Cerveceros de México, an organization representing the 14 most biggest brewers in the country.

Brands like Tecate, Tecate Light, Dos Equis, Estrella, Montejo and Modelo Especial have followed the example set by industry trailblazer Corona years ago, which now gives it a presence in 180 countries.

“This is what’s been happening during the last three years, especially during the last one: these brands have experienced a boom in their presence in different markets . . . Mexican brands report the largest growth worldwide,” said Quiroga.

While the United States consumes 80% of Mexican beer exports, Cerveceros de México sees diversification coming.

Signs of this can be seen in the United Kingdom and China, the third and sixth largest customers for Mexican beer, which last year increased their imports by over 50%.

Other countries registering a double-digit increase in their imports during 2016 were Australia, Canada, Colombia, Belgium and Ireland.

“The beer style of Mexican brands has been well-received around the world. Their high drinkability and moderate alcohol content rates them as light beers that pair well,” explained Quiroga.

The domestic market is also on the rise. Per-capita beer consumption was 57 liters in 2010, but by last year that figure had increased by almost 11%, to 63 liters.

Quiroga remarked that during the last two years the industry has recorded investments totaling 50 billion pesos (US $2.9 billion), a strong contributor in consolidating beer within the top processed food exports, with foreign sales now at $2.8 billion.

“The industry will continue to invest in and bet on Mexico, without a doubt,” asserted Quiroga.

Source: El Economista (sp)

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