Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray. Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray.

MX rejects force to solve Venezuela crisis

Government responds to Donald Trump's remark about military intervention

Mexico has rejected the use of force to resolve the current political crisis in Venezuela in response to United States President Donald Trump’s statement on Friday that military force was an option.


The Mexican government said in a prepared statement Saturday that it rejected the use of force, or threats of its use, in international relations, declaring that the situation in Venezuela cannot be resolved through military action, either internal or external.

The Foreign Affairs Secretariat said 12 countries, including Mexico, signed a pact last week in Lima, Peru, in which violence and force were both firmly rejected in the case of Venezuela.

Instead, it condemned the rupture in democratic order in that country and refused to recognize the national constituent assembly created by President Nicolás Maduro to rewrite the constitution.

“Mexico reaffirms the contents of the Declaration of Lima and will continue to use all diplomatic efforts possible to restore democracy in Venezuela through a peaceful, negotiated solution.”

Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray repeated Mexico’s position in a Twitter post. “The crisis in Venezuela can’t be resolved through military actions, internally or externally.”

Colombia, which is the United States’ staunchest ally in Latin America, also condemned military measures and the use force that would encroach on Venezuela’s sovereignty.

Trump had been asked by a reporter what options were available to the U.S. to deal with Venezuela and the steadily worsening civil unrest in that country.

“We have many options for Venezuela and by the way, I’m not going to rule out a military option,” Trump said.

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  • alance

    It is too bad the US has overthrown too many Latin American nations in the past.

    Venezuela richly deserves an invasion. The population is starving to death.

    • DeplorableVI

      WE invaded Panama and now Panama is doing well. We invaded Chile and now Chile is doing well. We invaded the DR and they did well for awhile but corruption forced American companies away. We invaded Mexico and Mexico does well but would be a first world paradise if the Mexican European blood political leaders weren’t so corrupt. We invaded JApan, we invaded Germany and they do well. We invaded Vietnam and they are doing well. We invaded Korea and ur Allie S Korea is doing well, coummist China’s N Korea Allie not so well. I remember a 1960 movie of a tiny little country with no money declared war on the USA hoping we would invade them.

  • cooncats

    Mexico can’t provide security within its own borders, they are hardly qualified to do anything about Venezuela. The people there chose socialism and now they are paying the price. It is up to them to take back their own country.

    • Güerito

      You’re right.

      Maduro got more than 50% in the special presidential election in the spring of 2013. Just six months earlier, Chavez had won with 55% of the vote in an election that was closely monitored by international experts and declared clean.

      It’s odd seeing a country where the ruling party routinely and brazenly violates election laws, and yet still only gets about 35% of the vote, criticize the government of Venezuela.

      • DeplorableVI

        I love irony and am always looking for a fresh dose. Your comment gives us some. Maduro won his election by a wider margin than Trump won his.

      • DeplorableVI

        Obama insisted on overthrowing the democratically elected leader of Ukraine because he was anti-globalist and said he wouldn’t join the EU. Obama did it on behalf of chancellor Merkel who wanted him to invade Russia. Merkel is carrying out Hitler’s plan of ‘room to grow’ in broad daylight.
        Google “Fu_k the E.U. Someday Obama will be held to account.

  • DeplorableVI

    I watch every Trump news conference and just don’t remember Trump asking Mexico for permission to invade Venezuela.

  • Güerito

    Mexico needs to clean up its own elections and work on eliminating widespread human rights abuses and massive political corruption before it can begin to give advice about anything to other countries.

    • Joshua Rodriguez

      i agree 100%

  • alance

    According to the Miami Herald, a handful of Venezuelan soldiers — armed and in uniform — were caught in neighboring Guyana last week begging for food, local police reported, another sign of Venezuela’s deepening hunger crisis.

    Hunger is on the rise in Venezuela, amid triple-digit inflation and the government’s inability to import basic goods. And neighboring Colombia, Brazil and Guyana have seen a spike in Venezuelans looking for food.