Trump: Mexico is deadly. Trump: Mexico is deadly.

MX to Trump: country not second deadliest

US president refers to May report on armed conflict to justify border wall

Mexico strongly refuted a tweet this week by U.S. President Donald Trump saying that Mexico is the second deadliest country in the world, following which the organization that originally published the claim offered a correction.


While Trump is quick to jump on any negative news about or out of Mexico, seemingly for political purposes and to serve as justification for his campaign promise to build a wall between the two countries, Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE) was equally quick to respond.

Trump’s full tweet posted on June 22 reads, “Mexico was just ranked the second deadliest country in the world, after only Syria. Drug trade is largely the cause. We will BUILD THE WALL!”

The inference is based on the annual Armed Conflict Survey published last month by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), which ranked Mexico as the world’s second deadliest nation above countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey.

In a press release, the SRE conceded that while “there is a significant violence problem” it argued that Mexico is far from being the second deadliest country in the world and cited data from a United Nations (UN) report to back up its claim.

According to the 2014 UN report, Honduras (90.4), Venezuela (53.7), Belize (44.7), Colombia (30.8) and Brazil (25.2) all have higher murder rates per 100,000 residents than Mexico.


The SRE communiqué charges that Mexico’s rate of 16.4 puts it “far below other countries in the region.”

It is the second time the SRE has publicly rejected the IISS research. After the report was first made public, a statement was released saying that “the source of the figures is unknown, it reflects estimates based on uncertain methodologies and incorrectly uses legal terms.”

The IISS itself responded yesterday by issuing a statement on its website to admit there was a “methodological flaw” in its calculation that required revision.

However, the organization “anticipated” that Mexico’s ranking would not change drastically.

“Our researchers are working to rectify this and we will share the results in due course. We anticipate that this will result in Mexico’s conflict remaining among the 10 most lethal in the world, by estimated fatalities attributable to an armed conflict.”

The IISS also clarified that it does not consider murder rates as a whole in contrast to the figures cited by the SRE.

“We do not measure deaths on an absolute or per-capita basis. We estimate deaths directly related to conflict. We do not provide an assessment of the levels of violence in any country.”

“We stand by the rigor of the overall research and analysis of the institute. We also endeavor, as in this case, to be as transparent as possible when we have erred,” the statement concluded.

The SRE press release also stressed that the problem is a transnational one that both countries must address and indicated its preparedness to cooperate on the issue with the Trump administration.

“As the very government of the United States has repeatedly emphasized, drug trafficking is a shared problem that will only end if they tackle its root cause: the high demand for drugs in the United States and the supply from Mexico (and other countries). We hope to continue working with the United States government to combat illicit drugs based on the principles of shared responsibility, teamwork and mutual trust.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Lloyd Le Blanc

    Drug trade fuelled by American demand and a total ineptitude in stopping it.

  • Anthony Stein

    Trump has to be in the top three dumbest leaders in the world! Plus the most horrible to look at!

    • Paul Kenning Stewart

      I refute that, 1st ‘dumbest’ tied with North Korea.

    • Peter Maiz

      You become a super idiot who will likely be a reason denier if you watch faux news all day, as Trump does. It doesn’t help that Trump appears to have pervasive pathological narcissism, that’s why he looks angry all the time.

  • gypsyken

    The U.S. may now be the deadliest country, at least among advanced democracies, for blacks stopped by the police. If the Republicans get their way, it will become the deadliest country among the world’s industrialized democracies for people without access to health care.

    • DeplorableVI

      Yet we became dangerous under Obama, 12 years of minority led justice department. Gonzales, Holder and Lynch were in charge of ALL police departments, police training, police oversight all run by blacks and a Mexican. For 12 years 2 corrupt blacks and a dopey Mexican were attorney’s general and responsible for all police and all law enforcement. Trump was handed a corrupt lawless justice department from Obama.

      • gypsyken

        So now overtly racist white supremacists, led by a chief law enforcement officer who is an anti-civil rights racist and has lied under oath and a chief executive who is thoroughly corrupt and views the presidency as a way to increase the wealth of him and his family are going to fix the problem!!!

  • alance

    NAFTA talks will be coming up soon in the next two months. This is how he negotiates to aggravate his opponents. I am sure he knows the Armed Conflict Survey is a bogus report. He is just trying to get some political mileage out of it.

  • mikegre

    Mexico>>>>failed state.

  • J. M. Davis

    Trump didn’t invent the statistice they came from Annual Armed Conflict Survey by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Why criticize Trump when you can go after the facts in the report or maybe you can’t.

    • Dan Tucker

      The ¨facts¨ in the report have been refuted by the IISS itself, admitting they ¨erred¨. Trump just repeated incorrect information for political mileage as Alance said. But it is more fun to go after Trump. . . . pobrecito……

  • Jack Inmanz

    “According to the 2014 UN report, Honduras (90.4), Venezuela (53.7), Belize (44.7), Colombia (30.8) and Brazil (25.2) all have higher murder rates per 100,000 residents than Mexico.”

    Hmmm. All failed “Latin” American countries. Except for Belize, but really.

    • Tom Allen

      You could also throw in Jamaica

    • Showing my age

      Uh, maybe the comparison was intentionally made between Mexico and other Latin countries…
      It’s like comparing education in the US – you compare the “failed states” of Mississippi and Alabama to other states, not to the UK.

  • Peter Maiz

    I think in May, over 6,000 deaths were reported due to the infighting of the drug mafias over turf. Unfortunately, the U.S. has got to realize that robotics has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the “rust belt”. Robots are 40% cheaper than they were 10 years ago. So if a factory stays in the USA or leaves for a foreign country, robots do play a major hand in all construction of practically everything. If the Trumpians really want to create millions of jobs, clean energy would be the solution. In the case of Mr. Trump, ignorance is “bliss”. Let’s face it, the service industry (Sears, Macy’s, and all retail) are reducing their work force at such a rapid rate that they’re creating huge amounts of unemployed. Wait until the safety net for the poor and middle class fizzles (also known as health insurance)!

  • Tom Allen

    The article clearly states that Mexico has the second highest conflict (cartel) which is by and large contained amongst themselves. I have lived as an expat for six years and have never had any sort of crime committed against me which is more than I can say about Denver where I am from.

    • Crewlaw

      We’ll be here 18 years in August. Never a problem, but to listen to Donnie Twitter and his followers tell it, Mexico is just one big post-apocalyptic war zone. One learns to just shake his head at their ignorance.

  • Eric Buchstein

    The murder rate in Washington DC is over 16/100K

  • Eric Buchstein

    9 other major US cities are worse than DC.

  • michaelj72a

    cut the cr*p and just end the phony drug war, it’s not really about drugs it’s about social control. and who the biggest dog on the block is….. what a waste of a $1 trillion. Can you imagine how many people could be housed and fed on that kind of money……& it’s totally the responsibility of the US and its hyper drug problems and also the Us forcing Calderon to initiate an idiotic war which has easily killed a hundred thousand and disappeared tens of thousands.

    and it doesn’t matter how many cartels leaders you arrest it’s like trying to cut off the head of the mythical dragon, it just grows back, and sometimes more than one new head appears! it certainly causes even more violence.

    none of this will ever end, just like the violence and illegality under Prohibition, but it took a long time and lot of lives lost for people to finally realize how senseless it was, and now is.

    • Hailey Mannering

      Thank you for pointing out the truth ! We need the US and Mexican governments to stop doing things that finance the cartels.