'No more impunity,' reads the sign. 'No more impunity,' reads the sign.

MX is worst in LatAm on impunity index

And fourth worst in the world on a list of 69 countries

Mexico is the worst country in Latin America for impunity, according to a study by the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (University of the Americas in Puebla, or UDLAP).


Mexico topped the Global Impunity Index for Latin America and was the fourth worst country among the 69 that were analyzed worldwide.

The index measures systems of security, justice and the protection of human rights and structural capacity to come up with its numbers.

Mexico placed fourth behind first-place Philippines, India and Cameroon.

One factor in this country’s low standing was its low investment — less than 1% of Gross Domestic Product — in security and justice. In comparison, more advanced countries spent as much as 4%.

A result is that Mexico has on average 4.2 judges per 100,000 population, whereas the Latin American average is eight. In Africa it is six and in Europe 23.

But Mexico’s 4.2 average is skewed by a much higher proportion of judges in Mexico City and the state of México.

The head of UDLAP’s international relations department said in the case of the state of Puebla the figure is less than two. “You have few judges and you concentrate them in the same place,” said Juan Antonio Le Clercq Ortega. “The question is, who are you serving?”

Another factor highlighted by the study is that although Mexico has 359 police for every 100,000 inhabitants, higher than the average of the countries analyzed, they are poorly distributed, and again concentrated in Mexico City and the state of México.

On top of that, police are not adequately prepared to carry out their work.

The study recommends Mexico spend more money on security, justice and the penal system.

Source: Animal Político (sp), e-consulta (sp)

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  • Güerito

    Clearly part of a plot by this prestigious Mexican University to make Mexico look bad …. and help the Trump agenda.

    • ben

      they are correct. mex has gotton bad since the 1990s trump knows what is talking about.

  • alance

    What about the kangaroo courts going after Trump?
    Some nations have too many courts.

  • Help is on the way…

    Muchos de nosotros que vivimos en México ya sabemos todo esto, no tomó un informe para entender cuán triste este mexicano gobierna su país; La gente es tan ignorante y el gobierno ama el crimen y nunca mejorará la calidad de vida para todos, sólo los pocos elegidos se beneficiarán, todos los demás es un esclavo del gobierno ..

    • Garry Montgomery


  • Mike S

    Lets see…$7 trillion usd was lost in the 2007 real estate bubble/scam in the US with millions loosing their homes and net worth. Eleven trillion was lost in the stock market crash of 2008-9. $3.4 trillion was lost in retirement accounts during same year. TOTAL: $21.4 trillion. The wealthy then went on a bargain hunting spree and today 1% have as much wealth as the lower 90%. It is difficult to put a value on the human suffering of the GREAT BUSH RECESSION. BUT…not one person went to jail.

    • Garry Montgomery

      Exactly and then the money laundering scheme by HSBC, Citicorp, BoA et al where they offered to pay a fine of $9billion which the government and it’s henchmen eagerly accepted and the bankers walked free. Impunity? Ask the U.S.A. about it and nobody has a clue!

  • Garry Montgomery

    Impunity should be written off the books. If a politician commits a crime while in office or not, s/he must face the charges just as any other citizen would. The whole “amparo” thing is a hold-over form the Conquistadores. Mexico needs to pull itself into the First World and stop acting Third World.