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Nayarit rejects PRI, in Coahuila it’s close

In Veracruz a PAN-PRD alliance has taken a majority of municipal races

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) may continue to occupy the governor’s office in the State of México, but voters in Nayarit have chosen to turf the PRI in favor of a National Action Party-Democratic Revolution Party (PAN-PRD) alliance.

The PRI also lost ground in Veracruz, where a large majority of PAN-PRD mayoralty candidates appear headed for election, but may hang on to the governor’s office in Coahuila, the fourth state in which elections were held yesterday.

There, the PRI’s Miguel Ángel Riquelme was just slightly ahead of the PAN’s Gillermo Anaya with 38.3% to 36.8%.

In Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría García of the PAN-PRD, a right wing-left wing alliance, had 38.5% of the vote at noon today when 92% of the ballots had been counted, while the PRI’s Manuel Humberto Cota Jiménez had polled 26.9%.

In a distant third place was one of the state’s more colorful political players, San Blas Mayor Hilario Ramírez Villanueva, commonly known as “Layin” and widely known for admitting he “only stole a little” from municipal coffers during a previous term as mayor.

The PAN-PRD coalition was leading the race for mayor in 12 of the 20 municipalities and the PRI in just four.

The results mean that the party is no longer the state’s main political force, not surprising considering the accusations of corruption and links to narco-trafficking that followed the arrest in the United States of Attorney General Édgar Veytia, who faces charges of drug trafficking.

Nayarit is a small state with just 1% of the country’s voters but sandwiched between Jalisco and Sinaloa it has become important territory in the shipment of drugs.

The PAN-PRD alliance in Veracruz was winning today in 112 of the state’s 212 municipalities in the race for mayor. The PRI-Green Party coalition was well behind with just 36, a significant drop from the 91 municipalities it won during the last election. The New Alliance had captured 18 today and Morena 17.

Candidates of various other parties were winning in the remaining 26 municipalities.

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