Teachers in first-ever evaluation test. Teacher evaluations: 35% pay increase for top performers.

Nearly half fail teacher evaluations

47% finished in the lowest category possible and deemed 'unsuitable' for promotion

Despite protests and objections by dissident teachers, evaluation testing has gone ahead in much of the country, but barely half the participants passed tests conducted to find candidates for promotion.


It was the first time in Mexico that teachers aspiring for advancement to principal or other more senior positions had to participate in performance evaluations to assess their qualifications.

The results of those evaluations, published Sunday night by the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) through its Professional Educational Service website, showed that only 21,446, or 53.2%, of the 40,318 evaluated teachers passed their tests, while the remaining 18,872, 46.8% of the total, finished in the lowest category possible, obtaining an “unsuitable” result.

The available jobs are 5,721 principals, 1,003 supervisory positions and 15,141 technical pedagogic advisory posts.

Passing grades are broken down into three categories. 2,120 teachers (5.26%) reached the top-ranked A category, passing the four phases making up the test.

In the B category were 6,208 teachers (15.4%), and 13,119 (32.54%) finished in the C category.

Chiapas is the only state that doesn’t appear on the lists of published test results, due to the postponement of testing in the face of opposition. The SEP hasn’t reported if or when the tests will be rescheduled.

In Oaxaca, just 54 teachers took the exam and 50% failed. In Guerrero, 64% of 1,102 applicants didn’t pass the test and in Tabasco, 65% of 1,726 did not make the grade.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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