Fabrizio Sosa and his parents. Fabrizio Sosa and his parents.

Negligence accused in Mérida baby’s death

Parents accuse two doctors after their son died following surgery

Two physicians appeared before justice officials in Mérida, Yucatán, Wednesday to respond to an accusation of negligence in connection with the death last month of a one-year-old boy.

Mónica Ávila Rodríguez and Santiago Sosa Cerón claim that pediatrician Francisco González Martínez and surgeon Wilhelm Cerón Grajales were negligent in the care of their son, Fabrizio Sosa Ávila, who had been admitted to the Star Médica private hospital for surgery on an undescended testicle.

Ávila told a press conference on Saturday that her son appeared fine after the August 17 operation until about 6:00pm when the child began crying. She said the attending physician told her it was normal, but by 11:30pm Fabrizio had a temperature of 38 degrees, his lips were purple and he was vomiting.

Ávila said the pediatrician prescribed a suppository and syrup that night but to no avail. The next day the infant had a distended abdomen and his stomach was purple, at which point the doctor explained that Fabrizio had contracted a bacterial infection in the family home. He prescribed three medications but they had no effect on the young patient, his mother said.

Fabrizio’s father explained that after the boy had pulled away a catheter he went without food for over 48 hours. The the catheter was never reapplied because a pediatric nurse never arrived.

By this time, Ávila said, she was desperate and carried her son to the reception area and demanded attention.

Ten minutes later Cerón, the surgeon who originally operated on Fabrizio, and four nurses admitted the baby to the intensive care unit. Two hours later, Ávila was informed that her son had died after suffering two cardiac arrests and suffering widespread infection.

Ávila accused doctors and nurses of providing a poor level of care and being “disrespectful of the pain we suffered for the loss of our son.”

The two doctors were summoned three times before they appeared Wednesday with their attorneys at the state Attorney General’s office.

Star Médica director Hugo Boehm Calero was also summoned but has yet to appear.

Both physicians abstained from making a public statement and limited their appearance to hearing the charges. A written statement will be provided to the court at a later date.

González and Cerón also face accusations of medical malpractice before the National Medical Arbitration Commission (Conamed).

Source: Sipse (sp), Diario de Yucatán (sp), La Jornada Maya (sp)

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