A march for peace took place Sunday in Tulum A march for peace took place Sunday in Tulum. tulum en paz

Negotiations in Tulum could end disputes

Hotelier hopes for an end to property rights issue 'once and for all'

Last Friday was not the first time that businesses have been evicted in Tulum, Quintana Roo, but at least one hotel operator is hopeful that negotiations will put an end to more than a decade of land disputes.

Richard Contreras of Akiin Beach Tulum said the evictions, which included hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the Punta Piedra zone, told Mexico News Daily that the situation has accelerated negotiations “to resolve the property rights issue once and for all.

“It is our sincere hope that this is the last unfortunate incident in over a decade of land disputes in this part of paradise,” he said.

Contreras also pointed out that media outlets, including those used as sources by Mexico News Daily, exaggerated the extent of the violence. In fact, he said, the incident “was not particularly violent.”

“Nearly all of my neighbors acquiesced to the judge’s order and peaceably left their property with their belongings after ensuring that their guests were accommodated at nearby hotels unaffected by the evictions.”

Most, he said, are filing lawsuits to try to get their land back and are in discussions to reach a settlement.

One of the errors in the original reporting was that officials shot firearms into the air. Contreras said that was simply not true. There were fewer security guards than reported and they did not engage in sacking the contents of the hotels.

He described it as a terrible incident for his friends and neighbors, but it was “not particularly violent.” And only one hotel tried to refuse the order, which resulted in a security guard using pepper spray on hotel personnel.

Contreras’ own properties were spared but he said he was “merely lucky.”

About 2,000 residents marched in Tulum Sunday in a call for peace.

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