De la Madrid at yesterday's launch of tourism campaign. De la Madrid at yesterday's launch of tourism campaign.

New campaign targets Mexican-Americans

Promotion intended to attract Americans of Mexican descent

Mexico’s tourism secretary has officially launched a marketing campaign designed to attract Americans of Mexican descent and other Spanish-speaking United States residents to visit the country.


At an event yesterday in Los Angeles, California, Enrique de la Madrid said the “Viajemos Todos Por México” (Let’s All Travel Through Mexico) initiative in the United States is part of a wider effort to continue to grow Mexico’s tourism industry.

“Our mission is to ensure that Mexico continues to sustain its track record of above-industry average growth for many years to come, and this includes seeking new ways to engage specific markets and audience segments that present opportunities for the industry,” he said.

Viajemos Todos Por México” started as a national campaign in 2016 that aimed to encourage Mexicans to travel more within their own country.

It proved successful and local tour operators who developed packages and programs to complement the initiative also benefited.

More than 200 destinations will be featured in the “Mexican Routes” guides that will form part of the campaign’s new rollout and more than 1,000 tourism packages will be offered to potential travelers.

“Mexico is known for being one of the friendliest places in the world for visitors, and as part of our ongoing efforts to invite everyone to visit Mexico in 2018, we extend this invitation to Mexican-Americans . . .” the tourism secretary said.


Mexico’s pueblos mágicos, or magical towns, will also be a central component of the campaign and de la Madrid hinted that an additional nine towns could be granted the special designation this year to bring the total to 120.

Statistics show that Mexican-Americans tend to travel internationally 2.5 times more than the average U.S. citizen, meaning that they make up a lucrative travel market that Mexico is keen to capture more of.

“. . . they travel internationally a great deal, and we want to inspire them to come, learn more about their heritage and see all that Mexico has to offer,” de la Madrid said.

The tourism secretary announced last week that a record number of international tourists visited Mexico last year but added that the figure could continue to grow to reach 50 million annual visitors by 2021.

More than 300 people attended the event in Los Angeles yesterday including representatives from U.S. and Mexican tourism companies, community and industry leaders and members of the press.

Mexican Tourism Board CEO Hector Flores and Carlos García de Alba, the consul general in Los Angeles, co-hosted the event with de la Madrid.

Further promotional events for the U.S. campaign will be held in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Miami.

Source: Travel Pulse (en)

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  • DreadFool

    the sons of presidents and other unwitting fat cats suffer severe austerity in their imagination.
    that must be the dumbest slogan of the century, but that’s what you get in a hereditary bureaucracy – nada

  • WestCoastHwy

    Great, once the wall is built, Mexico can become the “Promised Land of America.”

  • Mike S

    Interesting marketing ploy. Back in the 80s they were refereed to as Chicanos. They were bilingual and would show up in border states and resort towns with lots of money compared to locals. Many of their kids seemed uninterested in their Mexican roots. They were resented. Maybe all that has changed now and they have dropped their “ugly American” air. I hope so. Article states that Mexican-Americans are 2.5 times as likely to travel and learn about the world than the average AR-15 white religious hick. If Mx achieves 50 million visitors by 2021, that will make it the most interesting and desirable travel destination in the world for its size. Great people! Great country despite the cartel wars.

    • DreadFool

      I’d be concerned about your planet of origin!

      • Garry Montgomery

        Do you have a reason for being so obnoxious?

    • DeplorableVI

      If Mexicans had an electoral college voting system and were allowed and encouraged to be armed it wouldn’t be a third world shit hole country. The elites in Mexico City decide who’s Mexico’s President. The elites of Lima decide who’s Peru’s President. The elites of Bogatoa decide who’s Colombia’s President. See how that works? Without the electoral college New York City and Southern California would decide who our president is. Thank God for our founding Gringo’s.

      • Mike S

        We have a thoroughly undemocratic body already- it called the senate where rural America gets vastly over represented…and they get to approve the Supreme Court justices and treaties. Lots of low population state senate seats are bought and sold by the plutocracy. The presidency effects ALL Americans and should be chosen by a popular vote. Are you saying some meth head living in a trailer in Wyoming listening to Limbaugh on his AM radio has more sense than a person selling vegetables on a street corner in Manhattan or a sewer worker in LA?

        Mexico is plenty guns despite the gun control laws on their books. Buying a gun in Mexico is very easy. US gun runners have flooded Mexico with assault rifles…gee what a great idea that was.

        Guns and the NRA are a cancer in the US. We need to get the French system of gun control.

  • DeplorableVI

    Mexico is a former colony of the Spanish Crown. So is Florida. In Florida you can drink clean, safe healthful water from the tap. Florida is the only former Spanish colonie in the New World that’s not a shit hole country.

    • gypsyken

      Your username certainly fits you well.

    • Garry Montgomery

      Residents of Florida are routinely advised to not drink tap water . . .

      • DeplorableVI

        I live in Florida and have never been advised not to,drink tap water. Miami supplies fresh water all the way to key west. My city provides water to me and Tropicana from the same source. Zepherhills draws from Florida city water as does all the soft drink manufactures and several breweries. We ain’t Mexico where you get sick eating a salad washed with Mexican tap water. Clean water? We don’t need no,stinking clean water!

        • Garry Montgomery

          Two city sources hardly covers all of Florida.

          • DeplorableVI

            When there’s a boil water alert in Florida it’s usually because an unlicensened illegal immigrant is operating a back hoe and destroyed a fresh water line while doing his yob. In other words, we get a boil water alert while in Mexico they shit and piss into each other’s wells and nobody tells anyone squat. Nestle loves Mexican politicians.

          • Garry Montgomery

            hombre, eres muy sick

        • Mike S

          Florida better start worrying about rising sea levels. Latest scientific predictions are that Mar-a-lago will be underwater in 80 years and two-thirds of Florida along with it unless there is a major reversal of Trump-Think. Great legacy the Deplorables are leaving us.

    • Mike S

      You could probably drink the water from the tap in Mexico if they chose to dump copious amounts of carcinogenic chlorine in it like they do in Florida. I’d rather drink bottled water which I get delivered to my house for 10 cents a gallon.

  • Walt

    Lived in Mexico for twenty years, always drank bottled water, no ice in mixed drinks and no fresh salads