Governor Echevarría presents his security plan. Governor Echevarría presents his security program.

New governor unveils Nayarit security plan

'We lived in peace, but it was a false peace'

With violence in the state of Nayarit up by 400% this year, the state government has announced a four-pronged approach to address the situation.

The four elements of the program called Nayarit Seguro (Safe Nayarit) are Nayarit al Mando (Nayarit in Command), Nayarit en Red (Networked Nayarit), Nayarit Convive (Nayarit Coexists) and Nayarit con Futuro (Nayarit with a Future).

The plan, announced this week by Governor Antonio Echevarría García, consists of 40 measures designed to combat both common crimes and those stemming from the presence and activities of organized crime.

Nayarit in Command will create 53 tactical operational centers designed for crime prevention. Checkpoints will be set up throughout the state and police presence will be reinforced in the Tepic, Xalisco and San Blas municipalities.

Those three locations have seen the highest incidence of violent crimes.

Nayarit in Command also includes the purchase of new patrol cars, the training of police officers — and their testing for drug use — and the request to raise salaries in next year’s budget.

Networked Nayarit calls for the creation of a citizens’ security council which will evaluate the state administration’s security policy and neighborhood watch groups. Safety in public areas will be maintained through surveillance cameras installed in collaboration with private enterprise.

Nayarit Coexists lays out a plan through which 100 public spaces are to be recovered, cultural centres developed and artistic activities promoted.

This element of the plan will also offer medical, legal and psychological counseling to those that require it, and will reinforce already existing programs that prevent domestic violence and violence against women.

The last of the four prongs, Nayarit with a Future, is intended to stimulate job creation by building new hospitals and other public works projects, support entrepreneurs, offer scholarships and create a program to keep children in school.

Echeverría observed that Nayarit Seguro will be carried out through the collaboration of state government agencies with their federal and municipal counterparts and with private enterprise, civil society, educational institutions and other sectors of Nayarit society.

All those actors, said the governor, have signed a collaboration agreement.

“We lived in peace, but it was a false peace,” he said. “We want to give back to all the people of Nayarit the peace they truly deserve.”

The 43-year-old National Action Party governor had never held public office until he was sworn in in September. However, his father was governor of Nayarit from 1999 until 2005 and was the first governor who was not affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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