The 'ice cream cone' Saturday in Mexico City. The 'ice cream cone' Saturday in Mexico City.

New Guinness record, this one for ice cream

3,500 enjoy ice cream simultaneously, taking title from a town in Northern Ireland

More than 3,500 people ate ice cream together on Saturday to win another Guinness record for Mexico.

The event was the brainchild of the Mexico City borough of Iztapalapa where a group of women are forming ice cream-making cooperatives and saw promotion opportunities in a Guinness record.

The record is for the largest number of people eating ice cream at the same time, which until Saturday was held by the small town of Portstewart, Northern Ireland.

It won the title in 2011 when 2,728 people gathered to eat the frozen snack, a number that was easily beaten by the Chilangos, who might have come close to doubling that number had they not run out of ice cream.

A proud Iztapalapa Mayor Dione Anguiano, introduced to Mexico News Daily readers earlier this year for her skill at oral sex with a condom, said 45 people worked for two days to make the 300 kilograms of vanilla ice cream.

She said more than 5,000 turned up for the event at the Monument of the Revolution, where they were positioned to form the shape of an ice cream cone when viewed from above.

Anguiano said it would help promote the new ice cream cooperatives in her borough, which she boasted was the one responsible for moving Mexico City forward.

Mexicans’ fascination for Guinness records goes back many years and the country has won several, from the largest carpet of flowers (14,200 square meters) to the most mariachis performing simultaneously (700).

Source: Milenio (sp), Debate (sp)

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