Comparison of homicides in the last 20 years. Comparison of homicides in the last 20 years. milenio

New murder record set and year’s not over

As of November, homicide figures beat the record set in 2011

The year isn’t over yet but the total number of intentional homicides has now broken the record, making 2017 the most violent year in two decades.


With 22,855 official homicide investigations, 2011 had been the most violent year on record. But the figure for 2017 reached 23,101 by the end of November.

The figures for November were down slightly from October’s, which was the most violent month in 20 years with 2,380 homicide investigations. The figures are kept by the National Public Security System but they only go back 20 years, when a standardized record-keeping system was initiated.

At the state level, Colima registered the highest number of homicides per capita with 83 per 100,000 people. Baja California Sur followed with 61, Guerrero with 58 and Baja California with 53.

Nationally the rate was 18.7. Thirteen states were above that level.

Guerrero topped the list with 190 cases in November, followed by Baja California with 178; México state with 172; Veracruz with 138; and Chihuahua with 137.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • jwd

    As bad as this is, does anyone think Mexico comes close to actually reporting all of its homicides? Maybe this represents half! Plus the disappeared that everyone knows has actually been murder, but the bodies disposed of.

  • alance

    The more successful the government is at capturing or killing cartel bosses the higher the homicide rate climbs due to the amoeba multiplication effect and that nature abhors a vacuum.