New museum takes shape in Yucatán. New museum rises in Yucatán.

New museum’s theme is asteroid crater

Chicxulub Crater in Yucatán was created by an asteroid 65 million years ago

A new 50-million-peso science museum is taking shape in the state of Yucatán and is expected to open in September.

As its name suggests, the central theme of the Chicxulub Crater Science Museum will be the massive crater that was formed on the Yucatán Peninsula when a large asteroid known as the Chicxulub impactor struck around 65 million years ago.

Scientists, students and the public in general will have all the information and knowledge about the causes and consequences of the crater at their fingertips, the state government said in a prepared statement.

In its four main rooms, the museum will also feature exhibitions about the universe and solar system, the extinction of dinosaurs, the state’s biodiversity, the Yucatán Peninsula’s subterranean aquifer system and Mayan culture.

There are also plans to build a planetarium in a second phase.

Museum-goers will have the opportunity to be active participants during their visit through the use of interactive screens and microscopes among other interactive features.

Located within the state’s Science and Technology Park about 40 kilometers northwest of Mérida, the museum is currently about 60% complete.

The same building will also be home to the geophysics laboratories of the National Autonomous University (UNAM), ensuring that it will become the most important site in the country in the earth sciences field.

The government statement said that a program of conferences and seminars featuring researchers who are active in the same scientific fields covered in the museum will complement the permanent exhibitions and attract academic tourism.

The museum and UNAM laboratories will also offer scholarships to local, national and international students that will enable them to gain invaluable experience by completing internships and research at the two facilities.

In addition, both the museum and laboratories will stimulate the local economy by creating new jobs and attracting visitors from the rest of Mexico and the world.

The museum is the result of a joint initiative between the state government, UNAM, the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY) and the Yucatán Scientific Investigation Center (CICY).

Source: El Universal (sp)

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