Yesterday's inauguration of the new Pemex terminal. Yesterday's inauguration of the new Pemex terminal. reforma

New Pemex terminal opens in Chiapas

Three years, four months behind schedule, the plant replaces one in Tapachula

It is possible that the farther south you go in Mexico the slower things move.


Mexico’s state oil company celebrated the opening of a new storage and distribution terminal in Chiapas yesterday, three years and four months later than originally intended.

Even the opening ceremony was late, starting three hours after the scheduled time.

Pemex’ 780-million-peso plant will not only increase storage capacity in the region but conclude a nearly decade-long effort to remove the previous facility from the urban area of the city of Tapachula.

The new plant is located 25 kilometers away in Puerto Chiapas and has a storage capacity of 65,000 barrels of fuel, triple that of the previous one. It is expected to deliver 5,000 barrels a day of gasoline and diesel to 62 gas stations in the state’s coastal region.

The plant will be supplied using rail and marine transport, said a Pemex spokesman.

Governor Manuel Velasco said its presence will help trigger more activity in the port, where an agroindustrial park is being built and one of the country’s new special economic zones is being created.

Construction of the storage terminal began in 2012 and was supposed to wrap up in September 2013, but technical problems, financial issues and labor stoppages led to delays.

Source: Reforma (sp), Noticias de Chiapas (sp)

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