Playa del Carmen: new security cameras. Playa del Carmen: more surveillance.

New security cameras, more police in QR

Playa del Carmen will get 1,000 of the 3,000 new cameras being installed

The Quintana Roo government will install 1,000 surveillance cameras in the city of Playa del Carmen to reinforce security efforts.

Public Security Secretary Rodolfo del Ángel Campos said the cameras are among 3,000 that are being installed in the state as part of the C5 (Control, Command, Communication, Computer and Quality Center) security program.

They will be located on principal streets and access points to the city and come with license plate detectors.

Del Ángel Campos said police presence has been strengthened in the north and center of the state, accusing the previous administration of concentrating state police in Chetumal, the capital.

There are currently 180 officers stationed in Cancún and 60 in Playa del Carmen and more officers are being recruited, he said.

Del Ángel Campos declared the state had been “very prompt” in addressing security in tourist zones, working with the Federal Police, the Army and the Navy.

“With those efforts we have been able to reduce the incidence of crime. It is not a total reduction, it is not yet what we are hoping for, but results are being obtained.”

Increased crime, including gun battles in Cancún, has created alarm in those destinations, particularly for the tourist industry.

Authorities believe they made some headway in countering the violence with the arrest August 9 of suspected crime gang boss Leticia Rodríguez Lara, known as “Doña Lety.”

Also arrested was a former bodyguard of the state’s attorney general in the government of Roberto Borge. He is believed to have been responsible for paying off police officers employed in the Attorney General’s office, according to an unnamed source.

The newspaper Noticaribe suggested that Rodríguez Lara enjoyed many years of impunity through her successful infiltration of the Attorney General’s office.

It was announced today that she has been ordered to face trial for drug trafficking and possession of restricted weapons.

Source: Noticaribe (sp), SIPSE (sp)

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