Pet travel made easier in Mexico. Pet travel made easier in Mexico.

Travel program eases procedures for pets

Entry process has been simplified at select airports

For frequent flyers who travel with their furry friends, entering Mexico should now be easier and faster than ever before.

The federal government recently introduced a new “Frequent Traveler Program for Pets” that aims to simplify and speed up the entry process to Mexico for pet owners at a select number of airports.

Once dog or cat owners have registered their animals in the program, agriculture sanitation authority Senasica will issue an official entry document for each pet.

The registration requirements include filling out an application, attaching a health certificate issued by a Senasica authorized vet and providing records of a current rabies vaccination and treatment against ectoparasites and endoparasites.

The new program eliminates the previous requirement to have a new health certificate for each entry in a six-month period and owners will not have to wait for an import certificate to be prepared when entering the country. Instead, it will be sent via email.

Introduction of the scheme also means that vaccinations and treatments of pets can be minimized and owners will not have to register data about their pets on each arrival because it will already be in the Senasica system. Instead, Senasica staff will simply check to ensure that the vaccinations are still current.

The “Registro de Ingreso” document can be obtained at Agricultural Sanitation Inspection offices located at airports in Cancún, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Zihuatanejo, Toluca and Mazatlán.

Applications can also be made in both terminals of the Mexico City International Airport and at the Senasica central offices, also in Mexico City. The program is free.

The program is limited to travelers and their pets arriving at the same airports where the registration applications can be lodged.

According to a recent survey by travel company, the introduction of the new frequent traveler program for pets at the Mexico City airport was a key factor in its clients selecting the Mexican capital as the best destination in Latin America to travel to with their animal companions.

Source: The Yucatán Times (en), ADN 40 (sp)

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