The governor and AMPI members yesterday in Oaxaca city. The governor and AMPI members yesterday in Oaxaca city.

New Walmart stores, new hotels in Oaxaca

Governor highlights new investment in the state, vows to reduce red tape

Just 10 months ago the Oaxaca economy was said to be collapsing and Walmart México was considering an exit from a state where roadblocks by protesting teachers and their allies had cost an estimated 1 billion pesos.


Yesterday, Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa offered a rosier outlook: far from leaving, Walmart is going to open at least three new stores and Mexican hotel owner Grupo Posadas will build a new 200-room hotel in Oaxaca city.

The governor said during a meeting yesterday with members of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, or AMPI, that the conditions are in place to guarantee investment in the state, reactivate the economy and create jobs.

In addition to a third project — a 200-million-peso boutique hotel at the Yagul archaeological site, about 36 kilometers from Oaxaca city — the governor revealed he had met recently with Mexican and foreign investors who are considering projects worth US $2 billion.

In order to make things smoother, he said, the state will create a new agency to reduce bureaucratic procedures for those who wish to invest.

Although the sites of the new Walmart stores were not revealed, Grupo Posadas’ new Gran Fiesta Americana hotel will be located near the Parque El Llano in Oaxaca city’s historic center. The 500-million-peso property (US $27 million) will be self-sustaining, said company official Mariano Rosales, employing energy-saving lighting and systems to recycle and save water.


He said construction is almost set to begin and completion of the project will take about 18 months. The hotel will employ 250 people.

Meanwhile, the Oaxaca local of the CNTE teachers’ union, Section 22, is planning to mobilize in May, as it has done for years, and reorganize in order to “resist the assault by the state.”

Source: Milenio (sp), NVI Noticias (sp)

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    10 months for everything to have changed is like saying that the dinosaurs disappeared in 1492.

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