New website for expats. New website for expats.

New website launches for expats in Mexico

Expats in Mexico targets the million-plus expatriates believed living in the country

Providing resources, tools and information for expatriates — from the cost of living to health care — is the goal of a new website designed to help expats get the most out of living in Mexico.


Expats in Mexico is targeting the more than 1 million believed to live in Mexico as well as those who aspire to do so.

Founders Felice and Robert Nelson bring four years of experience operating, an expats’ guide covering 23 countries, to their new venture, which launched this week.

“Our new publication is unique in that all of our feature articles are based primarily on interviews with expats living in Mexico,” Nelson said. “We found at that expats love learning about a country from other expats, although we also have feature articles based on interviews with subject experts.”

Current articles on the site include a piece on schooling options, health care, living in Puerto Vallarta, Chapala and Guanajuato and security.

The website also offers blogs on life in Mexico, legal issues and real estate and profiles of the cities where most expats live.

Galleries allow readers to submit their photos and videos to share with other expats.

“Our new online guide brings the expat community in Mexico together to share their ideas and concerns with other expats, help them learn more about their adopted country and, most importantly, use our information, resources and tools to help them lead better and more satisfying lives in their adopted country,” Nelson said.

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  • JG

    Another good source is with an average of 500 views a day.

  • That old myth that a million Gringos live in Mexico lives on and on and on …

    • James Smith

      agreed. i have traveled and lived in mexico off and on for years and have never seen more than a few hundred in any one location. add them all together, vallarta, guadalajara, merida, baja, a few others perhaps, and you don’t even get close to a mill. unless you count the time shares for a week or two in the resorts, and even then, doubtful.

  • James Smith

    only two things necessary to know: never get sick and never sign your name to any contract written in spanish.

  • KEN

    looking or best price for health insurance for4-5months while n MEXICO LAKE CHAPALA any sugestions woulde great