The victim of a stray bullet is transported to a hospital in Sonora. The victim of a stray bullet is transported to a hospital in Sonora.

New Year’s Eve bullets wound 11 in Sonora

One victim of stray bullets is in danger of losing an eye

Trigger-happy New Year’s partiers left a tally of 11 gunshot victims in the northern state of Sonora, including five minors.


According to the state security control center C4, two children aged six and nine were wounded in Ciudad Obregón while they were playing outside their homes.

Their injuries were not serious and the two were released from hospital the same night.

In Agua Prieta, a 65-year-old woman was struck in the elbow while inside her home and an 11-year-old girl, who was asleep at the time, was hit by a bullet that tore through the ceiling and hit her in the cheek.

She was transferred to a local hospital for treatment but subsequently sent to Hermosillo due to the severity of the injury. There are fears that she might lose an eye.

In the municipality of Nogales three more injuries were reported. In one case a 45-year-old man was in bed when a bullet came through the metal roof and struck him in the stomach. He is expected to remain in hospital for the next 15 days.

There were three more cases in Navojoa, including a 17-year-old, and a nine-year-old resident of San Luis Río Colorado was another victim.

No arrests have been made in relation to the incidents.

Source: El Universal (sp), El Imparcial (sp)

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  • Gina Chang

    No arrests’ These clowns haven’t arrested any one for any serious crime as yet or any politico helping themselves to public money When a gun is reported being shot, the cops wait 20 minutes before they respond so they are useless

  • Gary Blake

    The same thing played out all over Mexico, in every state, and every year, the same thing. I find it funny why the story carefully has a doctored title, does not use the words wounded or maimed or lost an eye due to stray bullets, a all to common used reason to ban guns in the USA.
    I am curious? Recklessly firing your full auto AK47 or M16 for New years, not caring where or which way the lead is flying, is this Gun Violence OR just another part of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Mexico?
    Funny in the other story the Governor of Sinaloa says they are going to get a healthy ticket for NOISE VIOLATIONS, REALLY? what about possession of a machine gun, what about attempted murder, what about restitution to the victims of Mexican Culture and Tradition? OR gun violence, since it is Mexico and that never occurs there, throw me a bone on terminology here would ya? How many “HIT” in celebratory gun fire, much less celebratory machine gun fire in the USA and Canada, I am going to say none!
    One year the mayor of one Mexican City said anyone firing their AK47 or M16 for news years, faces confiscation by police, WHAT? It is illegal to own one Mexico OR the USA, difference USA get caught in possession of a full auto weapon, GOD AND OJ’s DREAM TEAM WON’T keep you out of federal prison, AND 300k in attorney’s fee’s for the defense!
    In Mexico, because if you have one, means you are a NARCO, they paid off the police to have them.
    11 year old girl going to loose her eye here, she was sleeping in her bed, two toddlers hit playing outside, great safe place that Mexico!
    No arrests or charges, either standard as well. the anti gun, Mexican resident expats all strangely silent on this one as always! No way to indict Trump here?

    • mexbungalows

      It’s an act of politically correct “interfaith belief in an entity” that “these things happen” No official acts overly concerned until the same thing happens to THEM. I stays indoors while the druggies blow off their hands and demonstrate the same level of intellect as a Yemeni, or Sudanese with their firearms. I do not own a firearm down here. Hanging above my bed is a 190 pound compound crossbow loaded with a Death Spike quarel. It goes in then has to either exit the other side or be chopped out. At 20′ distance it penetrates a bale of hay eight inches. It also helps to have foot thick concrete walls and ceiling and a foot thick 3 meter tall muro around the house.

  • Beau

    It’s the culture. Fireworks non-stop pre-christmas, on Christmas, 3 days after Christmas- loud Ranchero music and macho man singing narco corrido lyrics howling like coyotes, some others singing on Karaoke machines pretending to be Vicente Fernandez for hours and hours….then the guns, AK47 and M16 answering to each other for more than 15 minutes–then more fireworks 3 days after new year.

    • marco esteban

      ?Y que? What’s your point? This ain’t Iowa, mi estimado guero. Nor is it for everybody. Remember, YOU are only a guest here. Asi que, basta ya! I, for one, LOVE IT and will NEVER grow tired narco corridos OR the Mexican culture. And BTW, here in beautiful Mazatlan, Sinaloa, the symphony of “dueling AK’s” lasted more than an hour! !Viva Mexico, guey!

      • Beau

        Vete a la verga loco cabron!. And BTW..I’am not a guero, pendejo. Idiotas like you are the ones polluting Mexico.