The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index. The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index. The darker colored countries are the most corrupt.

No improvement on the corruption index

Mexico ranks 135th on the Transparency International index of 180 countries

The latest global corruption index indicates that Mexico continues its slow but steady downward slide and remains within the ranks of the world’s most corrupt countries.


The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index ranks Mexico in 135th place on the list of 180 countries with a score of 29, one point less than the previous year.

Compiled by the non-governmental organization Transparency International, the index scores countries between zero and 100, zero being highly corrupt and 100 very clean.

Sitting at the bottom of the index, with a score of nine, is Somalia, while at the top is New Zealand with 89.

The index found that more than two-thirds of countries scored below 50, meaning Mexico is far from alone. It is also far from being unique in terms of worsening levels of corruption.

Transparency International said this year’s index highlights that the majority of countries are making little or no progress in ending corruption.

Mexico has seen its score drop consistently since 2014 when it was 35.


Mexico is near the bottom of the list of Latin American countries, sharing a poor showing with Honduras and Paraguay, and just above Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela.

These results make Mexico the worst ranked country in both the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the G-20.

The Mexico chapter of Transparency International blamed the federal government’s resistance to extend the National Anti-Corruption System throughout the country for the drop in its ranking.

The NGO also said that the absence of a truly autonomous federal Attorney General’s office and the lack of firm punishments in corruption cases are contributing factors in Mexico’s score.

It recommended the efficient installation of the National Anti-Corruption System and the incorporation into the system of the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Federal Taxation Administration, SAT, to avoid the laundering and diversion of funds.

The final laws governing Mexico’s Anti-Corruption System went into effect in July of last year. The system was widely hailed when it was first introduced, but has run into strong criticism from the citizens’ commission designed to investigate corruption cases.

Its members say the government has blocked any serious investigations into its actions.

Source: Publímetro (sp)

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  • CensorSheep

    somalia, sinaloa, same same

  • Jeff Swanson

    here it is plain as day in black and white, IF you can read. Of course I suspect Trump and the USA did this to intentionally ruin Mexico? Least that’s what will be inferred.
    It is funny how the “White” European Countries top the list, along with PRESENTLY, predominantly white Canada and the USA, as immigrant numbers increase in these two countries, (USA/Canada) they too will plummet in the ratings and faster than a NARCO victim thrown down a cenote!
    Credibility? posters here post all the time the USA and to a lessor degree Canada are as corrupt or more corrupt then Mexico, an utter, TOTAL falsehood, in fact blatant outright LIE!
    But of course this rating is false, influenced by Trump and the USA right? Clever how they were smart enough not to rank the USA at the top, that would be too obvious, LOL !
    By the way facts are not racism either!

    • Xoa Cake

      I’ve seen some of your comments, and boy do you have some loose screws. Did something happen to you? And what about Eastern Europe/Russia? They are even whiter than the US, Canada or Europe (98%+) and have rampant corruption and crime. And Western countries have had history of corruption for thousands of years before they reached this state. So no, facts aren’t racist. But people with agendas are.

      The thing is, we have a pretty good idea of what causes corruption (officials behaving in selfish ways at the expense of the public). If the payoff/punishment ratio for acting selfishly is greater than the payoff/punishment ratio for acting selflessly, then you have a strong incentive to act selfishly. And the fact is that the Mexican government has the lowest tax collection of any OECD country, law enforcement simply doesn’t get paid enough to properly investigate and adequately punish. So officials in Mexico feel reasonably safe that they wont be punished for engaging in corruption, and will be rewarded handsomely for doing so. Mexican armymen get paid more by the cartel than by the military. The cartels have more influence than the government because they are better armed, better funded, and provide better income to their “workers” but like any private organization, they work for their own profit not for the good of the population. The true reason why Western countries have lower corruption is because they have big governments, with capable law enforcement that have encouraged a culture of following the rules, significant investment in education and high voter turnouts and politically-engaged populations, all funded by relatively high taxes. In fact, if you look closer, corruption is more closely correlated to educational attainment and voter turnout/political engagement than race.

      • Jeff Swanson

        Some facts, I said white European, I referred to NORDIC/Germanic countries that ODDLY top the list, (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany etc) along with Canada y the USA. Where did Russia come in, who under and after 100 years of commie rule, IS a corrupt s–t hole, YES! Ranks RIGHT with Mexico don’t it? Russia was never white as you might think, over 100 language’s spoken today, 186 DIFFRENT ethnic groups. As once the largest empire on the planet under the Tsars, it was a huge melting pot, lots of Asian cultures.
        The screws loose are the daily rants the USA/Canada are worse then Mexico, gun crime is worse in the US, pointing out facts that dispute this you don’t like, OK I get that! Personal attacks are trolling, you don’t get that!
        Big government by the way does not lesson corruption, Mexico has a HUGE government and welfare system. LOOK at PEMEX, 1,000 employees for every 3 doing the same jobs/work in the USA o Canada! That’s small government alright, or CFE, lets talk about them, or national hospitals 35,000 overstaffed in one state alone.
        Yes western countries HAD, a long history of corruption, BUT grew out of it, that will never happen in Mexico, the problem with Mexico?, IT’S the culture of Mexico and what it perpetuates!
        SOME of what you say is spot on!
        Mexico has the lowest tax collection rate, due to the highest number of deadbeats, WHO will do or resort to anything to get out of paying anything!
        Cheaper to get caught once or twice a year with expired 20 years old plates, and pay the cop 50 pesos to get no ticket, cop wins, government losses, licensing monies, road tax monies.
        The “HONOR” system to report, file and pay your income taxes, a national joke!
        A Mexican is a true oxymoron, 100% a liberal, 1,000% a anti government, anti tax “Tea Partier” the two mix well LOL !
        Quite literally “I want everything from the government for free, NO! I ain’t gonna pay taxes, OR my condo HOA/Strata fee’s either so there! Or my vehicle licensing, or my real taxes, or my auto insurance, or my gas, or my cable, or my phone, or my electric bill, or anything else I can steal GOOD GOD MAN!

  • Russell Hill

    I worked as an international business consultant for 25+ years. This report 99% bullshit. The USA is the most corrupt country in the world and is responsible for 50% of the corruption in Mexico even though most people do not know how to recognize it’s sources. Brazil is 2nd, China is 3rd and Canada is 4th. The least corrupt countries are Chili, Uruguay and Panama. All this report does is show how stupid Americans and Canadians are thinking there is little or no corruption in their societies.

    • DreadFool

      too much Chili in your Santiago will make your mind go woowoo

  • gypsyken

    Since the government of the U.S. is totally controlled by the richest 0.1% of its population, it cannot rate highly on any meaningful measure of corruption.