Gordillo: relieved of stressful ankle bracelet. Gordillo: relieved of stressful ankle bracelet.

No more monitoring; bracelet caused stress

Ex-union boss accused of embezzling excused from wearing ankle bracelet

Life keeps getting better for the former teachers’ union boss who is awaiting corruption charges.


A week after a ruling that allowed Elba Esther Gordillo Morales to await trial under house arrest, a federal judge agreed to her request to be exempted from having to wear an electronic ankle bracelet that allowed authorities to keep tabs on her.

She complained that it was causing her “unease and anxiety.”

Gordillo said the device would vibrate “for no apparent reason” during the night, affecting her sleep.

Widely known as “La Maestra,” Gordillo has been in custody for almost five years, first in the medical wing of a penitentiary and then in an exclusive Mexico City hospital.

A week ago, the former leader of the SNTE teachers’ union left the MediAccess Clinic in Lomas de Chapultepec and moved in to an apartment she owns in the upscale Polanco district.

The conditions of her house arrest included wearing the ankle monitor 24/7 and the posting of federal guards. Leaving the building is forbidden and her use of telecommunications is strictly controlled.

Only a handful of people can visit, including a few relatives and her medical and legal teams. She also had to surrender her passport.

Gordillo led the teachers’ union for 24 years and now faces charges of embezzlement in connection with the disappearance of 2 billion pesos in union funds. She was at one time a senior official in the Institutional Revolutionary Party and founded the New Alliance Party.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • cooncats

    What a joke justice for the corrupt is here. She should be in the slammer.

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Say “adios” to Elba.
    The guards will “fall asleep”, she’ll disappear and the guards will live comfortably ever after.

    • Beau

      100% with you.

  • ss

    Should spend LIFE behind bars.Instead she will be living la Vida loca, on the money she stole from the criminal teachers union. What a fd up country. Corruption everywhere.!

    • j_b_spence

      It’s a failed state … close the border.

  • Rob Mellors

    She’ll be nipping across to the Marriott for lunch shortly! This sounds like a “constructed” escape by any other name. What a joke! Wonder how much stress, and more, she caused in 24 years! 5 years in custody and no trial? Don’t make me laugh!

  • Garry Montgomery

    “Oh, my orange jumpsuit makes me feel uncomfortable.” Warden, “O.K., try this Armani suit for size. Anything else you’d like for your personal comfort?”

    • j_b_spence

      Doesn’t Hillary wear an Armani tent? Is this a precursor for another woman crook to be incarcerated?

      • Mike

        Don’t you have to have reason to incarcerate someone or does wearing the latest Fascist trending outfits allow bypassing the rule of law? In the last 30 years knuckle draggers like yourself have tried unsuccessfully to pin something illegal on the Clinton’s and you continue to cry in frustration every time you open your mouth.

        • Cool Hand Luke

          The times, they are-a-changing!
          People are jumping off their bus so fast, they getting hurt climbing over each other.
          Hmmmm……wonder why?

          • Mike

            Why? I’ll tell you why, corruption. It is infecting every segment of society and can not be stopped until everyone becomes part of the process to stop it. Unable to start because a person benefits from it, and sells out integrity, and ethical behavior is sacrificed. It is the downfall of humanity and it sucks.

        • BB

          You would have thought that they’ve already spent enough taxpayer money investigating the Clintons. Maybe they oughta be just turn to corruption and just throw them in jail without a conviction.


    Who the hell is she for not wear the bracelet??? SHE IS NOT THE ONLY IN STRESS!!! WHAT ABOUT THE MEXICAN PEOPLE ARE WE IN RELAX TIME???

  • Jeff Swanson

    Well you see how it works “En Mexico” you are only jailed or in prison for fighting the crime and corruption, OR DEAD for reporting it. the “REAL” criminals walk, there is no justice in Mexico.

  • jdwfinger

    don’t the Mexican people know that they are here to SERVE the ELITE? After all, their lives are more important than the average peon. As long as the people allow this, they deserve what the crumbs they are tossed.

  • Help is on the way…

    hacer sufrir a la perra envíela corriendo desnuda por las calles … ¡PERMITIR A LA GENTE QUE LE ARROJA TOMATES!

  • BB

    It’s like those in power spitting in the Mexican people’s faces. Letting them know who’s got the power.

  • Timothy Wood

    Are you kidding me???

  • Pete L.

    I’m with Felipe. Ankle bracelet not to your liking, Snowflake? No problem—leg irons it is!

  • WestCoastHwy

    Another happy Mexican!