Los Llanitos aground near Barra de Navidad Los Llanitos aground near Barra de Navidad. profepa

No word on fate of grounded bulk carrier

Los Llanitos went aground during Hurricane Patricia in October

There is no word yet on what is to become of the bulk carrier Los Llanitos, the 38,000-tonne ship that went aground near Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, during Hurricane Patricia on October 23.

According to a report issued by a salvage company, the removal of fuel and chemicals was completed on November 26.

But the most recent report on the ship says nothing has been announced regarding the required cleaning of its 20 fuel tanks. Under the maritime navigation and trade law, the owner of the vessel has 90 days to complete the clean-up process and removal of the ship.

The 90-day period ends January 28.

The Civil Protection director of the nearby port of Manzanillo, Guadalupe Tene Rodríguez, said the ship could be converted into an artificial reef or removed to another location for dismantling.

The ship, whose condition Tene Rodríguez said is probably worsening, is being monitored regularly by Navy patrols.

The Greek firm Tsavliris Salvage said in November it had removed 1,700 liters of chemical products by helicopter and 520,000 liters of hydrocarbons with a tug and barge, completing the one-month operation on November 26.

The 223-meter-long, Mexican-flagged ship had left Manzanillo to escape Hurricane Patricia but according to some reports, it left too late.

It was caught in the storm, the strongest hurricane in history with sustained winds of 325 km/h, and went aground at Punta Graham. It sustained severe structural damage, but there were no injuries among the 27 crew members.

Source: Televisa (sp)

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