Saturday's naked bike ride in Mexico City. Saturday's naked bike ride in Mexico City. tv azteca

Nude bike riders seek motorists’ respect

Mexican cyclists participate in World Naked Bike Ride

“Now you can see me!” That was one message painted on the body of a nude bicyclist Saturday when the World Naked Bike Ride was celebrated in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

One rider said the event was in part a call for respect, a protest against drivers who act as if they don’t see cyclists, refuse to allow them passage in traffic and run them over. By riding nude, Yereni Carranza told Reforma, “everyone sees us and even lets us pass.”

The ride is also intended to promote the use of bicycle transportation and exercise.

Many riders — some reports said there were as many as 500 in the 25-kilometer ride in Mexico City — were nude; others were partially clothed and lots sported body paint.

First held in 2004, the ride is now held in some 70 cities in 20 countries, encouraging riders with the slogan “as bare as you dare.” Another popular one is “Less gas, more ass.”

Source: Reforma (sp), Televisa (sp)

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