In the buff at Zipolite. In the buff at Zipolite. nude bungalows & spa

Nudists see Zipolite as global destination

Clothing-optional beach will host international gathering in January

Nude sunbathers are in decline on a Oaxaca beach that is famous for being clothing-optional, according to the Mexican Nudists’ Federation, which wants to reverse the trend and make it a global destination for naturists.

With that in mind, the federation and its 50 members will host the sixth annual Latin American Nudists Gathering at Zipolite in January.

And it hopes that the event will encourage authorities to give the beach legal status as a place where the public can take their clothes off.

“Zipolite is a beach that tolerates nudity but there’s not a single law that declares it as such . . .” said Juan Marcos Castañeda, who also lamented local hotels’ reluctance to allow nudity within their facilities.

This he blamed on pressure by local residents, with the result that there are few hotels that allow it. But even one of those, Nude Bungalows & Spa, said Castañeda, doesn’t allow nudity in its restaurant, which he attributed to a desire to cater more to traditional rather than nude tourism.

“That’s a trend we would like to reverse.” The federation would also like to see the entire community, and not just its beach, become clothing-optional.

Castañeda said he hopes next month’s gathering, scheduled for January 28-30, will become a regular community event that attracts national and international visitors.

Up to 300 people are expected to attend, and registrations have already been received from naturists in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador and Spain, as well as Mexico.

Zipolite’s two-kilometer-long beach is good for surfing but swimmers must exercise caution due to a strong undertow and currents. Located in the municipality of San Pedro Pochutla between Puerto Escondido and Huatulco, the community has a population of about 1,000.

Source: EFE (en), CulturaEspectáculo (sp)

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