The scene of last night's helicopter crash. The scene of last night's helicopter crash.

Oaxaca chopper crash kills 13, injures 13

The aircraft was carrying officials en route to inspect damage from yesterday's earthquake

An official visit to the epicenter of yesterday’s earthquake in Oaxaca turned to tragedy last night when an armed forces helicopter crashed, killing 13 people.


The Black Hawk aircraft was carrying federal Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida and Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Murat and was about to land when it went out of control and plummeted to the ground in Santiago Jamiltepec at about 10:00.

The helicopter went down amidst a group of earthquake victims who were camping in the field after their houses were damaged in the 7.2-magnitude quake that struck yesterday at 5:39pm.

Twelve adults and a six-month-old baby died and 13 people were injured.

Neither Navarrete nor Murat was hurt in the accident.

The two officials had traveled to the municipality in Oaxaca’s coastal region to inspect the damage left by the earthquake.

Source: ADN Sureste (sp), Milenio (sp)

CORRECTION: This story has been edited to correct the number of fatalities. Earlier reports pegged the number at 14.

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  • cruz_ctrl

    survive an earthquake and then have a helicopter fall on top of you…

    • CensorSheep


  • David Nichols

    “We’re from the Government, and we’re here to help”…!

  • Güerito

    The head of the Mexican Military just came out with a statement explaining how the accident happened:

    “It was dark outside and the helicopter kicked up a lot of dust. This disoriented the pilot, so he didn’t know there were people below.”

    If that’s not criminal negligence (negligent homicide or manslaughter), I don’t know what is.

  • Tiger1vic

    Why does this site even allow commenting? Nothing but uninformed jackasses with opinions about everything.

  • Güerito

    New video out tonight shows, as I posted below, there was no mechanical failure of any sort.

    The incompetent, negligent simply pilot lowered the craft onto a field full of earthquake victims, resulting in the death of 14.