Pérez Ramos: charged with embezzlement. Former mayor Pérez Ramos: charged with embezzlement.

Oaxaca jails ex-mayor for embezzlement

Pluma Hidalgo politician one of 39 being investigated for corruption

The first of 39 ex-mayors under investigation for corruption in the state of Oaxaca is now behind bars, facing a charge of embezzling 7.1 million pesos, or US $429,000, from funds intended for public works projects and to combat poverty.

Pablo Pérez Ramos, mayor of the southern Sierra Madre municipality of Pluma Hidalgo from 2008 until 2010, was apprehended by the State Investigations Agency while attempting to obtain an injunction against his arrest.

The state’s auditor had unsuccessfully summoned Pérez Ramos on several occasions to seek an explanation for the missing public funds, which were allegedly used to purchase real estate in the ex-mayor’s name.

Also on the list is the ex-mayor of Pinotepa Nacional, Carlos Sarabia Camacho, the Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate who was elected in June to the Chamber of Deputies and now heads the National Defense Commission of the Federal Congress.

State authorities question the expenditure of 189 million pesos from the 2012 budget, money that was intended for infrastructure projects, earthquake-proofing and alleviating poverty.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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