Busted: Morelos government vehicle spotted in Acapulco. Busted: Morelos government vehicle spotted in Acapulco.

Official vehicles not for going to the beach

Photo of Morelos government truck turns up on Twitter

Big Brother might be watching still but so is everyone else these days and it was a watchful eye that captured evidence of a civil servant from Morelos enjoying a weekend on the beach, transportation courtesy of taxpayers.

A Morelos government employee has been fired after a photo appeared on Twitter showing a state-owned vehicle in Acapulco last weekend.

It shows the pickup truck bearing the state’s shield and the inscription, “Secretariat of Public Works,” while a sign in the background reads Acapulco Centro.

The government of Morelos said in a statement that an employee’s dismissal was in progress for the wrongful use of an official vehicle.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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