Zetas boss Guízar. Zetas boss Guízar.

Officials probed for possible Zetas links

Drug lord's arrest also triggers speculation about his long stay in Mexico City

The downfall of José María Guízar Valencia, allegedly the last of the 10 original leaders of the Zetas drug cartel, has triggered an investigation of government officials in Tabasco, Michoacán, Chiapas and Veracruz who might have collaborated with the drug lord.


The information was revealed in a report issued by the national security cabinet and seen by the newspaper Milenio. It also mentions suspicions of collusion by authorities in Mexico City.

After the arrest of Guízar on Thursday, the federal government reopened an investigation that dates back to 2012 and links the Zetas with the mayor of Huimanguillo, Tabasco, at the time, Gerald Washington Herrera Castellanos.

The investigation hinted that the mayor received gifts such as luxury SUVs from one of Guízar’s cousins, Mauricio “El Amarillo” Guízar Cárdenas, in exchange for “favors.”

Guízar Cárdenas was arrested in 2012.

In Michoacán, Guízar Valencia has been linked to Apatzingán Mayor Genaro Guízar Valencia.

The investigation against the mayor culminated with his arrest and imprisonment for one year, after which he was released for lack of evidence.

In the states of Veracruz and Chiapas, the reopened investigations focus on justice officials and police and what protection they might have provided Guízar.

A similar investigation is under way in Mexico City, where federal authorities find it suspicious that the drug lord was able to stay for over six months without some kind of protection and support from official security forces.

So far, Guízar is part of 17 preliminary investigations by the federal Attorney General’s office. There are also outstanding arrest warrants for him in the United States.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    “Speculation”; “national security cabinet”;”released for lack of evidence”; ” reopened investigations”; “17 preliminary investigations by the federal Attorney General’s office”, So rule #1: Have a good Notary available at all time. If one where to understand Mexico’s legal system if you what to call it that, that person would be a good Notary of which would be rule #1. All else would fall in place and you will be back out in the streets and having access to all your assets. Having gone through this process, you start to see the real Mexico and the mechanism behind the curtain, “I’m the all mighty and powerful Wizard of Ozz!”

  • Benjamin Navarro

    Legalize all drugs in USA!
    The war on drugs is a joke and a waste of resources.
    There’s very bad people in every country.
    “Poor Mexico so far from God ( If any exist ), and so close to the USA!