The Sharp family: no foul play in their deaths. The Sharp family: no foul play.

Officials say gas leak caused family’s death

Asphyxiation on toxic gases killed family of four in Tulum

Investigators in Quintana Roo say all the evidence in the deaths of four tourists in a Tulum condominium points to a gas leak.

Attorney General Miguel Ángel Pech said today it appears that gas was leaking from a hot-water heater, causing the deaths of four members of a family from the United States.

Relatives of 41-year-old Kevin Sharp, his wife Amy, 38, and their children, aged 12 and seven, became concerned last week after hearing no news from the family following their arrival in Tulum on March 15.

A missing-persons report filed with the U.S. embassy last Thursday led to the family’s discovery. Authorities believe they had died three to four days earlier from asphyxiation on toxic gas.

They had said from the start that foul play was not a factor. “Any violent act or suicide has been discounted,” they said.

In the Sharps’ home town of Creston, Iowa, the community held a candlelight vigil for the family on Saturday at a local racetrack, where the Sharps were regular spectators.

“Life is not going to be the same without her,” said Amy Sharp’s mother on Friday. “Half my family is gone,” Beth Fry told the Des Moines Register.

Source: Noticaribe (sp), Des Moines Register (en)

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