Acosta Terán, aged 112. Acosta Terán, aged 112.

Oldest person in MX turned 112 last month

Ambrosia Acosta Terán is one of 52 supercentenarians in the world

A good-humored soccer fan who continues to enjoy life is Mexico’s oldest person, a U.S.-based research group has confirmed.

Ambrosia Acosta Terán turned 112 on February 21, celebrating with friends and family at her home in the Alamitos neighborhood of the city of San Luis Potosí.

Known by her nickname Bochita, the supercentenarian is the third oldest person in Latin America and 42nd in the world, according to the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks the number of people aged 110 or more.

There are currently 52 and they are all women.

Bochita enjoys life, telling stories and singing, and watching soccer on television. Healthwise, she feels “very well. I eat well, I drink well.”

“Do you have a zest for life?” a reporter asked. “Well, don’t you?” came the reply.

Bochita never married but was a mother to many nephews and nieces who now care for her. She used to work in the Chamber of Deputies in both Mexico City and San Luis Potosí, and in her spare time was an amateur theater actress.

One of her nieces described Acosta Terán as an angel, an example for everyone.

Bochita was born on February 21, 1904.

Source: Televisa (sp)

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