Cancún beach: tourists and crime don't mix. A Cancún beach: concern over impact on tourism.

Organizations criticize self-defense group

Quintana Roo business and other groups see it as a negative move

Several business and other organizations in Quintana Roo have distanced themselves from a self-defense group that announced its formation earlier this week by issuing a letter condemning its establishment.


The vigilante group led by real estate entrepreneur Carlos Mimenza released a video Tuesday stating that it would combat corruption and increasing crime allegedly provoked by the government of Carlos Joaquín González.

It pledged to monitor the government’s every movement and encouraged others to join in.

However, an open letter issued yesterday and signed by chambers of commerce, business associations and union groups that represent a range of industries including tourism, transport and hospitality made their position regarding the new group patently clear.

“We don’t accept the creation of the self-defense [group], as it only adds to the absence of the rule of law and ungovernability, a situation that the state of Quintana Roo [should not] experience under any circumstance. Business owners of Quintana Roo do not share [their view] and distance themselves completely from any declaration or pronouncement that leads to uncertainty and thereby damages the image of the destination and causes confusion among citizens.”

The signatories asserted that a call for action that promotes anarchy, disunity and a lack of trust is incompatible with their ideals.

“We strongly condemn messages or calls they make in our name that harm the state of Quintana Roo. The mission of businesspeople has been and will continue to be to seek the common good and a positive message.”


Instead, they remain committed to achieving better outcomes for the state via more traditional methods.

“We are completely convinced that through the cleansing and strengthening of security and justice institutions that we will make advances in the recovery of peace and well-being, which all of the citizens of Quintana Roo aspire to.”

The letter also expressed concern about the potential impact the situation may have on the tourism industry given that thousands of domestic and international visitors will soon descend on the state for summer vacations.

Violent crime in the state’s biggest tourist draw, Cancún, has risen sharply in recent months, leading to concerns from the tourist industry about the impact on tourist numbers.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • Howlin’ Man

    “We are completely convinced that through the cleansing and strengthening of security and justice institutions…” Uh-huh – and how are you going to do that? By the same pay-offs & bribes you paid before that apparently didn’t work? Shame on yourselves! How stupid can you be? Sorry, if the criminals are paying more for a cut of the profits, the people you are paying for protection are just going to turn their heads, ignore the facts or bury procedure under the weight of a slow & bloated bureaucratic process. You already KNOW that!! All this letter indicates is that the signatories are (understandably) so afraid of both their government protectors and the criminal organizations that are sucking them dry. To appear to give support to an organized populist-backed movement would draw them into the ire & line of fire of the criminals… and the indifference of the government-backed “law” enforcement. If enough of the people who are being oppressed & victimized stood up together in support of a change of those in ELECTED power, there would begin the process of change so needed for their own protection. Until then, without an example by those the common people would follow (those with money and the “movers & shakers” of the community), nobody else will stick their necks out. ¡Pobre gente mexicana!